Overhead and Underground Power Line Construction

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All of February's winter storms brought a lot of snow and a lot of power outages. Unfortunately, along with overheard power lines, there comes power outages.

ElecComm Power is regularly called upon by NSTAR to help restore and repair overhead power lines following unexpected power loss as a result of accidents or weather related incidents, as well as prepare for upcoming storms.

NSTAR has taken preventive measures like replacing over head lines with tree-resistant wire and putting in remote switching capabilities to further protect the above-ground power system.

However, in new construction, condo owners, office complex developers and land developers realize that underground high voltage lines are the way of the future, ElecComm is also there to assist, design and build the power infrastructure.

Many neighborhoods throughout Massachusetts are also putting in underground utilities, because local ordinances require new subdivisions to bury lines at the expense of the developer.

ElecComm's core business focus is on the installation, removal and maintenance of overhead and underground electric/communications distribution systems.For more information on power line construction, contact ElecComm.