Pole and Golf Netting Repair or Replacement for Fairways and Driving Ranges

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Spring has finally arrived in New England and the remaining snow is on its way out. This means it will soon be time for folks to start hitting driving ranges and golf courses. If your golf course or driving range needs pole or netting repair or replacement after this long winter, now is the time before the busy season kicks in.
ElecComm offers the best solutions in golf course netting and poles. We will give your course or driving range the space you need created from the right materials. Netting is always custom-made for each course or range to create the most cost effective, highest quality driving range netting system. We will work with you to determine the best placement of your golf course netting system based on trajectory and layout.

At each and every driving range and golf course we consider the surroundings first. With more and more residential communities abutting golf courses, safety and liability are the concerns we consider first. The need for protective golf course netting increases each year. Fairway netting and poles will protect golfers on adjacent fairways as well as the residents in the nearby communities.

By considering each golf course individually, we ensure that your course poles and netting solutions are unique to your needs. Poles and netting are an expense, but our system will last you for years because we take into consideration wind load, force, cabling, and fastening methods, all of which will play a role in the longevity of a driving range net system. If you need to install new, or retrofit your golf course, contact ElecComm.