Power and Telecommunication Network Services

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ElecComm - Bosotn, MA

We are proud of our reputation here in Boston for being THE go-to company for emergency above ground power line repair and restoration services. We specialize in rapid response power restoration, but we specialize also in a host of other electrical-related services. But we do so much more than that. Let’s discuss two other services that Boston-area business owners benefit from:

Underground High/Low Voltage Cable Installation and Removal:

All cable sizes including, not limited to: 1000Kcml, 700, 500, 300, 250, 1/0, and 2str.

  • Copper or Aluminum Cable
  • URD Installations
  • Rod/Rope and brush ducts
  • Pump and Clean MH's
  • Fiber Optic and Cable Installation and Splicing
  • Inner Duct Installation
  • All Grounding

Telecommunication Network Solutions

We engineer, manage, and perform network construction, splicing, testing, and restoration services for fiber, copper, and hybrid fiber-coax telecommunications networks.

For more information on our wide-range of electrical services to include rapid response overhead repair services, contact ElecComm.