Power Line Construction for Wind Farms in RI and MA

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This week, the US government is going to sell competitive leases for wind energy through an auction for leases for wind farms off the coast of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The area, which is 9 nautical miles off the coast of Rhode Island, sitting between and to the south of Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard, will be auctioned as two leases. It is estimated that the area could support enough electricity to power more than 1 million homes.

To go with the infrastructure of a wind farm, the high-voltage electric lines are needed in order to bring the power from the turbines to the grid.
It isn’t easy to build power lines, especially if they are too carry power across states or oceans. Several complex federal and state rules need to be followed and understood so that there is no delay in the completion of the wind energy projects which can affect investments. Electric line construction companies experienced in project management will more easily jump the impending hurdles.

There are currently no offshore wind farms in the United States, however, several are being developed in state and federal waters. For more information on building power lines for wind farms, contact ElecComm.