Power Line Repair to Restore Power After Winter Storms – Massachusetts, New Hampshire

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The snow storm is fast approaching. During the winter power outages in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the rest of New England are very common. Power companies and private businesses all over the region need help restoring power by repairing and maintaining power lines across the Northeast. They find that help at ElecComm.

When 100’s or 1000’s of residents or businesses lose power, it is hard to keep ‘life’ running smoothly. PSNH, NSTAR, WMECO, Unitil, and NHEC all seek the services of ElecComm because they know the quicker their customers regain power, the happier they will be.  Repair to overhead electric lines during a winter storm is part of the role of an power line construction contracting company.

ElecComm crews work to restore power for utility companies as well as for private businesses all New England including the Cape and islands. The ElecComm team is fully crossed trained and is ready for dispatch in preparation for any planned or unplanned event.

For more information on storm response and power restoration, contact us.