Power Line Storm Response Keep Everyone Safe During Winter Power Outages - Boston, MA

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Just a few weeks back, another record-setting snowfall left extensive damage to overhead power lines in MA. For this reason, electric line storm response services were initiated to repair damaged lines in order to restore power to the affected areas.

Strong winds matched with heavy snowfall can knock out electric power lines leaving people stranded without power in locations around Boston, MA. When the power goes out unexpectedly, it can affect not only commercial and residential buildings but also health care facilities. Winter power outages can cause a serious threat which is why power lines storm response teams play a vital role in these emergency situations.

During downtime, there is power-dependent equipment that will not work putting people in danger. It can stop operations that are critical to many businesses and health care facilities. With this type of winter weather around Massachusetts, plummeting temperatures cause the risk of frostbite and unsafe conditions from cold temperatures when heating appliance do not work. During storm related power outages, the ElecCom Power crew will conduct power line repairs and bring back power.

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