Power Line Storm Response Limits Inconvenience - Pittsfield, MA

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Major storms can randomly cause major power outages which can hamper business operations and commerce all over Massachusetts. Repairing downed power lines can be tough in heavy snowfall and strong winds. But the electricians at ElecComm are fully experienced and are often called upon by the area utility companies for assistance.

When a tree limb or fallen pole damages lines or transformers, protective equipment immediately shut off the flow of power from the main grid resulting in power outages. During extreme weather conditions, this is more likely to happen and it can be difficult to restore power because of the storm itself. Worse, more than one power lines or poles can be knocked down and the ElecComm crew is often tapped to provide the needed power line storm response in affected areas.

Downed trees, accumulated snow, and other debris, may block the streets and make it hard to access the affected areas for immediate response to occur. But the ElecCom crew is fully equipped to respond to both minor or major power outage. Repair and maintenance to overhead power lines in Boston, MA restores power as soon as possible so that both commercial and residential areas will not be inconvenienced for long.

To find out more about power line storm response, contact ElecComm.