Quality Replacement and Repair of Golf Netting System

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ElecComm golf driving range netting in Boston, MA

It’s about time for golf course operators to begin their prepwork before the golf season kicks in. Winter weather can torment the protective driving range nets and the snow and rain can rust some of the older poles. So before golfers hit your driving range and golf course have your poles and netting replacement done now.

The management can be liable when errant balls hit people and property surrounding the range so it is imperative for operators to choose netting experts who can assure the quality of golf netting system repair. The safety of golfers and guests is not the only concern of golf club management but adjacent properties as well. For this reason, a strategic layout is necessary as to where poles and nets should be placed to secure and safeguard the surrounding area as well as the viewer’s deck.

ElecComm offers pole and golf netting solutions with free estimates. We guarantee our setup is professionally done that can last for years. If you need to install or replace golf poles and nets, contact us.