Quick Response Team and Power Line Restoration Services - Plymouth, MA

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Over the years ElecComm has been providing assistance to major public utilities throughout the Northeast. These services include power restoration during major power outages resulting from storms. Our team at ElecComm is fully trained and always ready to immediately respond to emergency situations.

Since we understand how much damage a storm can do to a given location, our goal is to provide quick response to restore services and maintain daily living and working conditions. These services can be power line storm response wherein we attend to fix power lines or cables that carry electrical power. Our alert team, reliable equipment and support mobile will rapidly help out in carrying out these jobs through safe, high quality performance, even at the most dangerous weather conditions or emergency situations.

At ElecComm, we also do repair and maintenance to overhead power lines in Plymouth, MA. Not only at emergency situations but also in everyday installation, removal and maintenance of overhead power lines can we help out a certain region. We also have a workforce that are specially trained to perform these tasks. Some companies that we have worked with include: Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), Western Mass Electric (WMECO), Unitil, New Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC), and NSTAR. Since disasters like storms are unavoidable, we want to help out our clients to be prepared on these kinds of unplanned situations. When the unexpected happen, our primary aim is to fix what is damaged and restore it back to its original state, or even better.

To find out more about power line restoration services, contact ElecComm.