Quick Telecommunication Network Outage Response Promotes Business Continuity

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Eleccom - Repair and Maintenance to overhead power lines in Wilmington, MA

Telecommunication networks offer businesses access to global connections which enables them to sell products and services faster and receive quicker feedback from customers worldwide. It also offer quick transaction solutions between customers and merchants such as online banking, shipment tracking systems, and other convenient business solutions. For these reasons and more, businesses are dependent on the internet and cannot tolerate downed telecommunication network services.

Telecommunication networks must remain operational with the least downtime for businesses and companies who rely on it. However, untoward events that are beyond company control can cause unexpected telecom network outages. Eleccomm understand the urgent need to get back online. Thus, we offer 24/7 emergency response to commercial network outages. We have fiber technicians on call and construction crews who can locate, repair, and restore down telecom networks right away.

Moreover, we also cater to scheduled maintenance such as fireproofing, bagging, and tagging fiber, fiber slack relocation, As-builts and OSP updates. Contact Eleccomm for more details about our telecommunication network services.