Rapid Response Downed Power Line Services

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ElecComm - power line storm response in Boston, MA

Downed power lines are a certain and dangerous winter threat. Power disruption takes a second-seat to safety in the early stages of power line failures. Rapid response to the situation is key. ElecComm’s storm response team exists to safely resolve such issues safely and fast!

You may sustain severe to fatal injuries by touching- or being too close to- power lines. So ElecComm wants to remind you again about safety tips to prepare in the event you encounter a downed electric power line.

  • Assume all downed cables as live lines. Stay at least 35 feet away. Electricity can travel through water and the ground around power lines.
  • Report any downed wires to the local authorities or electric company right away. Stay far back.
  • Refrain from clearing snow, ice, or storm debris until the power is disconnected or power lines are repaired.
  • If a power line lands on your vehicle while you are in it, stay in the vehicle until emergency responders arrive. Exiting a vehicle that has been contacted by a live power line is extremely dangerous. Similarly, do not attempt to assist someone if their vehicle is in contact with power lines.
  • If you notice the power line is on your vehicle before you enter, stay out of the vehicle, back away, and call the authorities and/or the local utility company.

For prompt emergency response and rapid power restoration, contact ElecComm.