Reasons Behind Power Outages During Cold Weather

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The cold weather months are the most challenging times for power line support. Cases of loss of electricity increase during the winter since electric systems and older infrastructure are susceptible to extreme cold. Overtime, electric systems lose their capability to function well in extreme cold, especially since they are constantly overworked.

Moreover, energy consumption tend to increase during cold weather with round-the-clock use of heating systems by consumers. Thus, accurate load forecasting is critical to gauge the precise amount of energy needed to generate the higher demand during this time. Inaccurate weather forecasts can tend to cause large areas to experience power outages or rotating blackouts to cope with massive overloads.

Malfunction of the power system can be minimized by ensuring proper insulation of power plants to keep the reinforcement system running. Furthermore, adaptation of the new approach to short-term load forecasting contributes a lot in the distribution level. Lastly, it is highly recommended to replace old infrastructure before it begins to malfunction and cause more serious damage.

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