Reliable Storm Response for Damaged Power Lines - ElecComm

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Winter storm season is fast approaching. When wind, rain, ice and snow bring down power lines in Massachusetts this winter, know that ElecComm has been getting ready all year to help electric and utility companies turn the power back on.
ElecComm has the heavy-duty machinery and the employees who are trained in electric and telecommunication services repairs; we also have expertise in the installation of electric lines and in the installation of power line transformers. We have been helping utility companies around New England in the restoration of power after storms.

Each day electric and telecommunication companies must ensure that their consumers have access to the services supplied to them.

When power lines and infrastructure is damages from storms, this work requires a quick response. ElecComm can be sent to any area in New England where damage to electrical wires has caused a disruption in the services provided to electric customers. Contact us.