Repairing Downed Powerlines is Often Outsourced to ElecComm in Boston, MA

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In the winter months, days and nights with extreme weather conditions and storms that pose threats to the overhead powerlines cannot be prevented. Too often winter storms or ice roads cause power interruptions and downed lines. Snow, wind, and ice conditions can hamper the operations of repairing downed power lines, especially when power outages span across many miles and municipalities. In these scenarios it is difficult for public utilities to provide immediate responses.

In these worst case scenarios of miles of power outages and downed power lines in multiple locations, repair and maintenance to overhead power lines is often outsourced to companies such as ElecComm. Our crew is made of expert electricians who have the knowledge and skills, as well as the relevant experience to ensure that power is restored as soon as possible. As a result, homeowners and businesses will be unnecessarily inconvenienced from the unexpected loss of power in storm damaged areas.

The crew at ElecComm is dispatched to the location of downed power lines to conduct immediate and accurate repairs. When large scale power outages occur at the same time, our crew will focus on the areas where the primary lines are down in order to immediately put an end to the inconvenience that such downtime causes to homeowners and businesses.

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