Replacement Golf Course Netting and Poles in Boston and Rhode Island

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Now is the time to fix up your golf courses and driving ranges. Golf course netting and poles are a necessary safety precaution, but replacement nets are important to course aesthetics as well, which is important now that participation in the game is picking up again after a few slower years.

The Boston Globe reports that after several slow years, Massachusetts golf courses are optimistic that business is on the upswing as the 2013 season gets underway. In fact, already this spring, rounds of golf played are up 10%, compared with the same time a year ago, at Boston’s two municipal courses.

Now that golf courses are again bringing in golfers – and revenue – long overdue maintenance can be done in the form of replacement golf netting, poles and lights. As golfers decide again to spend their disposable income at your golf course and driving range, give them a reason to come back, but most importantly keep them safe. Be sure your course is in tip top condition while making your golf course as safe as it can be at the same time.

As the number of rounds played in Massachusetts and Rhode Island increase, set your golf course and driving range apart from the competition, replace golf course netting, contact ElecComm Power.