Safe Overhead Lines Repair for the Stormy Holidays

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ElecComm - power line storm response in MA

Overhead power lines during winter months can pose hazards to the community and the establishments nearby. As accumulated snow and wind forces intensify throughout the season the need to mitigate the risks of power outage, fallen electric poles, and related damages increases.

While immediate restoration of the power supply for the resumption of normal commercial activities is of utmost concern, safety is the number one priority, especially for residential communities tormented by the winter storms in the Northeast. A safe power line repair operation is as vital as reduction of business loss.

Downed power line repair depends on the criticality of situations and are performed through either energized or de-energized operations. Though de-energized power lines pose a smaller threat of injury, there is still no power when these lines are down. The energized lines are a more serious matter that is better handled by trained electric utility personnel. Immediate action from proper authorities is key for a safe celebration of the holidays affected by damaged power lines.

Our storm response team for downed and damaged overhead power lines is equipped with the latest standard safety training. We are certified partners to major public utility and construction companies in MA. For more details to quick storm response for overhead lines contact ElecComm.