Smart Grid Technology for Faster Outage Restoration

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When massive outages occur during stormy weather, an emergency restoration team is activated in each community to restore service as soon as possible. However, it's hard to pinpoint the source of the outage especially when the outages happen at night. Smart grid technology paves the way to solve these operational constraints.

Smart grid technology includes Phasor Measurement Units which serve as advanced sensors to determine grid stability, advanced digital meters provide consumers with more precise details of their consumption and send auto-generated outage reports, automatic switches isolate the outage for faster service restoration, and faulted circuit indicators instantly identify the exact site as to where the circuit issues occurred. Modern grid technology and networks work together for a more efficient and resilient electricity system which benefits both residential and commercial consumers.

Utility companies and businesses alike tap the technical expertise of the smart grid's cutting edge technology at ElecComm for quicker dispatch of power line storm response teams to resolve service outages faster. Power line repairs and maintenance in Boston, MA is now easier and can be accomplished in a shorter-time frame. For more information about smart grid technology and deployment of smart grid networks, contact ElecComm.