Telecommunication Network Services That You Can Trust

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ElecComm - Fiber Optic Communication Services, Boston, MA

ElecComm Corporation (headquartered in Wilmington, Mass) has substantially grown and expanded its business serving all of New England and provides project management, design, engineering and end to end management expertise. ECC customers include but not limited to major utility companies, state and local government, communication service providers, government federally funded projects, municipalities and private entities.

Here is the list of our core competencies for you to consider:

  • Underground Electrical Construction
  • Overhead Electrical Construction
  • Scheduled Electrical Maintenance
  • Emergency Electrical Restoration
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Digital Network Testing
  • Digital Network Installation
  • Fiber Documentation

Our storm response team is available 24x7 for both overhead and underground emergency outages bringing power back to life for your customers. The crucial part of any business success is efficient, timely, and reliable communication within the organization and with the customers. And in maximizing the maintenance of the smooth day-to-day operation, telecom services provider makes it possible.

The transmission system of telecommunication networks facilitates the information to be transmitted in analog or digital form from different sites through electromagnetic signals. This information consists of audio or video data or some other types of data. During the transmission of information through digital and analog signals it transfers through electromagnetic waves. This is the reason why there are changes in frequency and amplitude when you play the music or images on the screen. And when you see some continuous waves that do not have any values it is an analog signal. Through this transmission of wireless data makes it possible by the radio waves. And the waves are generated naturally by generating vibration of electricity though it will be modified by their amplitude or frequency to transmit sound or data.

ElecComm has the ability to engineer, manage and perform the construction, splicing, testing maintenance, and restoration of fiber, copper, and hybrid fiber-coax telecommunications networks. To learn more about our telecommunication services, contact ElecComm.