ElecComm underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

There have been many discussions in many communities regarding underground power lines versus overhead power lines. While above-ground may seem advantageous, the benefits of underground power lines far outweigh those of overhead. Understanding those benefits is something everyone should be aware of in considering their options.

Underground power lines are best suited for metro and urban areas. These areas are usually very congested making overhead power line installation very difficult. Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA makes the area look cleaner and more organized, improving the overall aesthetics.

Underground power lines are also generally safer. Because they are underground, there is no danger from downed lines. They are also less susceptible to the damages brought on by natural disasters, accidents and extreme weather conditions.

Lastly, underground lines cost less to maintain and repair because less damage is incurred.

While opting to underground power line installation can be more costly than the usual overhead, the benefits are generally accepted to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

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