Underground High Voltage Cable Installation Balances The Needs of Local Communities, Economic Stakeholders, and the Natural Environment - Boston, MA

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Unless there is an acceptable route for overhead power lines underground high voltage cable installation are a more ideal solution. This method of installing power lines is becoming more relevant for homeowners who do not want real property devalued by nearby overhead power lines, for businesses that often suffer from power outages, and to preserve conservation land.

The underground high voltage cable networks in Boston, MA may be more expensive to install than overhead power lines but they can offer cost and other advantages that overhead lines. The UHVC networks are appropriate for all or partial current power transmissions. Guidelines for their appropriate application in order to balance the needs of local communities and economic stakeholders as wel as the natural environment have been established.

Underground power lines are ideal for densely populated urban areas. Undergrounding is also a choice that should be considered for locations where land is preserved or there that has other natural obstacles. This is also perfect in places where obtaining planning consent is difficult within an acceptable time frame due to areas that have historical, cultural, or environmental value. If municipal governments want to preserve land of significant value but still wants access to better power infrastructure, then undergrounding power lines can be a viable solution.

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