Underground High Voltage Cable Installation Decrease Power Interruptions in Winter

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ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installations in Plymouth, MA

The weather conditions in the winter can bring with it numerous inconveniences, one being power outages. Because overhead power lines hang and are exposed they are prone to damage caused by heavy snow fall and strong wind. With underground high voltage cable networks or UHVC networks, downed power lines are prevented.

Winter weather actually does not affect underground power lines. In winter, the cost of restoring the power lines goes up because it can take longer as a result of the weather. This is another reason why it is beneficial to bury power lines. Underground installation helps significantly reduce the chances of unexpected power interruptions during the winter.

Another reason that underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA is preferred is that energy discharge is also dramatically reduced. The degree of energy discharged is affected by weather conditions. Fortunately, this can be prevented by installing power lines underground, mainly because they are housed in layers of insulation preventing any dangerous residual power discharge.

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