Underground High Voltage Cable Installation has Benefits You Won’t Believe - Plymouth, MA

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In addition to creating less visual and environmental impact that generates large opposition from local communities, underground high voltage cable installation MA also has several other benefits that may be a surprise.

Undergrounding power lines means lower transmission losses. And with the advanced technology incorporated in every installation, these networks of power lines can also be configured to absorb emergency power loads. Unlike overhead power lines, underground power lines emit no electric field. As a matter of fact, they can even be strategically engineered to emit a lower magnetic field than overhead power lines.

Installing underground high voltage cable networks may have higher set-up cost compared to overhead power lines. However, the long term benefits to developers or users will often outweigh the cost. For instance, there will be a savings on maintenance costs because they are not exposed to the weather or to other outdoor influences. Because the cables are hidden underground, they are less susceptible to the impacts of severe weather, falling trees, and migrating birds so paying for repair services is diminished. There is also less need to check on underground networks as often.

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