Underground High Voltage Cable Installation Helps Prevent Costly Disturbance or Damage in Distribution and Transmission - Wilmington, MA

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Often power outages caused by natural calamities leave many electric utility executives, government officials, regulators, and consumers contemplating the advantages of installing underground electric cable networks rather than overhead. Leaving power lines above-ground between poles make these networks more susceptible to damage by falling trees, migrating birds, heavy rain or snowfall, strong winds, and other extreme weather conditions. This can all result in disturbance or damage to overhead distribution and transmission which can be costly for anyone affected. Loss of power can often be prevented with underground power lines.

Although installing overhead power lines are typically more economical, there are downsides that make underground high voltage cable installation in Wilmington, MA a more ideal alternative. For instance, overhead power lines are more susceptible to damage which can cause long hours of power outages. There may be scenarios where the damages due to weather can take days or weeks to be repaired costing millions of dollars in revenue to affected businesses. The tangible and intangible impacts challenge the electric utility industry to look for other means of installing electric distribution and transmission systems. This makes undergrounding power lines a more ideal alternative.

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