Underground High Voltage Cable Installation Is Better for Cost and Convenience Compared to Overhead Power Lines - Wilmington, MA

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One benefit of underground high voltage cable installation in Wilmington, MA is the lesser visual and environmental impact. Underground installation is advantageous for those areas that need electric power but that are protected for historical and environmental value which renders overhead power lines inadvisable or inapplicable.

Installing underground high voltage cable networks requires a narrower band of land compared to overhead power lines. Because the power cables are situated underground, they are less susceptible to the impact of severe weather. End-users also benefit from lower transmission loss and a lower magnetic field than overhead power lines. Additionally, they are protected from falling trees, accidents to poles and other factors that cause damage to exposed overhead power lines.

The cost of installing underground power lines can be offset by the long-term cost benefits. In addition to significantly reduced maintenance costs, they also incur little repair costs because they are less likely to experience damage.

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