Underground High Voltage Cable Installation is More Fitting in Some Instances- Boston, MA

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Underground power lines have unique benefits that overhead power lines do not. This is why there are now many transmission projects involving underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA. In fact, even existing overhead power lines are being replaced in certain areas where underground high voltage cables (UHVCs) are more fitting.

Underground power lines are more expensive to install than their overhead counterparts but the installation itself pays off in many different ways. These benefits often make the underground alternatives more practical. Guidelines are first established for the appropriate use of the UHVCs in order to balance the needs of all concerned. Undergrounding power lines are best for transmission projects when the areas under consideration have the following criteria:

  • Densely populated urban locations
  • Land areas where planning consent is difficult to obtain within an acceptable timeframe
  • Locations that must be preserved for future rural development or urban expansion
  • Places with outstanding natural heritage or vulnerable ecosystems
  • Sites that have historical or cultural values
  • Waterways and other locations with natural obstacles

Underground high voltage cable installation is a more fitting alternative in these spots because it creates less visual and environmental impact which helps preserve the spots themselves.

While underground high voltage cable networks offer amazing advantages, careful analysis is required before installation. Undergrounding high voltage cables are an appropriate solution for sections of a line where acceptable overhead route cannot be found.

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