Underground High Voltage Cable Installation Makes Power Lines Less Susceptible to Damage from Extreme Weather - Plymouth, MA

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Undergrounding, when discussing power lines, refers to the replacement of overhead power lines with underground power lines. The power lines are literally buried so they are less susceptible to the elements that cause damage such as extreme weather.

With the severe weather in all seasons in New England, high winds heavy rain and snow, ice storms, and extremely fluctuating temperatures can cause damage to lines and poles. Weather is the number one enemy of overhead power lines. This is why municipalities, company operators and project developers choose underground high voltage cable networks over overhead power lines.

The underground high voltage cable installation in Plymouth, MA can also be a better option in areas of historical or environmental value. But the main purpose of underground installation is to make power lines less susceptible to the damaging elements of nature and accidents. Depending on the scale of your application, undergrounding power lines can be expensive initially, but these costs pay for themselves by decreasing operational costs over the lifetime of the underground power cables.

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