Underground High Voltage Cable Installation Provides Access to Challenging Urban Settings and Sensitive Environments - Worcester, MA

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Underground high voltage cable (UHVC) installation in Worcester, MA is increasingly popular because of its numerous benefits. Underground cables have paved the way for the reconfiguration of transmission systems so that they are more effective and efficient. This underground installation also leaves more room for improvements to grid interactions.

In addition to added protection for the cable lines themselves, being underground also helps eliminate the visual impact of overhead power lines. The transmission route is invisible while also being kept away from damage caused by birds, strong winds, heavy snowfall, and powerful storms and other natural disasters. Additionally, the installation permits for underground power lines are easier to acquire. These are only a few reasons why conventional overhead lines are being replaced by underground cable systems in and why newly installed UHVC networks are more often being installed underground.

The nature of underground high voltage cable networks help minimize or eliminate system loss and increases the transmission capacity. With the technology employed in the installation of UHVC networks, improved power quality can be achieved as well. Lastly, underground transmission networks make it possible to provide access to challenging urban settings and sensitive environments where installation of overhead power lines is not appropriate or allowed.

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