Underground High Voltage Cable Installation – The Noteworthy Benefits of Undergrounding - Boston, MA

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Certain situations make underground high voltage cable networks or UHVC networks a more ideal alternative than overhead power lines. Apart from having less visual and environmental impact which can give rise to opposition from local communities, UHVC networks have many other benefits to offer. Undergrounding may increase installation cost but it can minimize operational costs over the lifetime of the cables.

Because of the nature of underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA, the UHVC networks are less susceptible to damage. Unlike overhead power lines that hang between adjacent poles and are prone to damage caused by weather, accidents, and uprooted trees underground high voltage cables are better protected against weather and other situations which can impact overhead lines. This is how unexpected power outages are prevented relieving homes and businesses from the inconvenience unplanned power outages.

Underground power lines are ideal for urban areas that are densely populated making it difficult or impractical to install poles. Undergrounding is also more aesthetic making them an ideal solution for areas that have environmental or historical value. Burying power lines gives room for more large trees on sidewalks. No poles will destroy the beauty of a historical place thereby preserving its value.

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