Underground High Voltage Cable Installations are Used for Aesthetic and Security Purposes - Wilmington, MA

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Underground wiring replaces overhead power lines that are more prone to damage which causes power interruptions. Overhead lines are prone to damage because they are exposed to the weather. Underground high voltage cable networks have a greater advantage which is why overhead power lines are slowly replacing them.

Often underground high voltage cable installations in Wilmington, MA are performed for aesthetic purposes. But people appreciate it more now for other reasons because they serve the additional purpose of making power lines less susceptible to damage caused by high wind, accidents and storms. They also pose no hazard to migrating birds, falling trees, or low-flying aircrafts. Additionally, underground installation can decrease operational costs over the lifetime of the high voltage power cables making it an ideal alternative.

High-voltage underground power lines are also more reliable because they are more securely in place. Because of this, there is less of a chance of conductor theft, damage, illegal connections, or sabotage.

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