Underground High Voltage Cable Installations Minimize Power Failures - Wilmington, MA

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The underground high voltage cable installations in Wilmington, MA have proven advantageous in many different applications. They have been successful in minimizing the amount of time that lives are disrupted by power failure due from damage to overhead power lines.

Electrical cables are strung overhead across the country in addition to overhead telephone, internet, and cable lines. Hurricanes, tornadoes, strong wind, and accidents with poles wreak havoc on existing electrical systems every year causing utility outages inconvenience homes and businesses in the affected areas. These scenarios call for an alternative to overhead power lines. This is why the concept of underground power lines is growing in popularity.

Because underground high voltage cable networks or UHVC networks are installed below the ground, they are not prone to damage caused by extreme weather and other disasters. Because the cable networks are covered and protected, they are less susceptible to damage from falling trees or auto accidents. As a result, power outages are decreased and people and businesses can continue on without the inconvenience of an outage.

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