Underground High Voltage Cable Installations Serve Many Different Purposes - Wilmington, MA

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Underground high voltage cable installation in Wilmington, MA puts the utility wires that are usually overhead, underground. This type of installation serves many different purposes. Undergrounding wires is often done in applications where using overhead power lines may not be practical or recommended.

Installing underground high voltage cable networks helps preserve the beauty of a location especially if it is being preserved for historical, cultural, or environmental value. Underground power cables also has other financial benefits which explains why more and more investors and municipalities have become interested in this alternative.

Unlike overhead power lines, underground power lines are less susceptible to damages cost by environmental factors such as strong winds, heavy downpour, migrating birds, falling poles, swaying trees, and even wild fire. When wires and poles are sent underground unlike the usual installations where the power cables are hanged and attached to distant poles, the underground power lines become less likely to get damaged.

Because the underground high voltage cable networks are not exposed to harsh weather or falling power line poles which significantly improves the reliability of the power system year round.

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