Underground High Voltage Cable Networks are Less Expensive Overall than Overhead Power Lines - Plymouth, MA

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A lot of existing conventional overhead lines are being replaced with high-voltage underground power lines. This is the case particularly in challenging environments such as densely populated urban settings, historically-valuable locations, and environmentally-sensitive areas. Even developers of new cable networks are opting for underground due to the multitude of benefits.

Overhead power lines cables and towers are unsightly and have a host of other negatives which give underground high voltage cable networks a competitive advantage. This explains why more and more alternating and direct current high voltage transmission lines are being constructed underground.

Underground high voltage cable installation in Plymouth, MA is more expensive initially than overhead power lines. However, when capital expense, maintenance, and transmission loss costs over the life of the power line are added up, underground high voltage cable (UHVC) networks are less expensive overall as compared to overhead power lines. Additionally, because they are also exposed to extreme weather conditions and other harsh elements, UHVC networks are less susceptible to damage so there is less expense for costly repairs. Because the initial cost of installation can be off-set by the advantages and benefits that are guaranteed overtime, underground high voltage cable networks are considered a practical investment.

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