Underground High Voltage Cable Networks are More Advantages with Respect to Overall Performance and Environmental Acceptance - Boston, MA

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As the demand for electric power increases, distributors need to develop high voltage networks to address the demand. Overhead power lines have been the preferred choice because of the lower installation costs. But the advances in cross-linked polyethylene insulation have achieved a lower total system cost for underground high voltage cable networks, making them a viable alternative.

Compared to overhead power lines, underground power lines are more advantageous with respect to overall performance and environmental acceptance. They promise low energy loss and improved transmission reliability. Additionally, the environmental invisibility of underground power lines makes them more acceptable in locations where the environment is highly protected.

The underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA can be completed faster as well, because everything is done underground. The installation process is not deterred by harsh weather conditions so installation can be completed on time. In regards to harsh weather, there is also reduced risk of network failure because the power lines are safely underground.

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