Underground High Voltage Cable Networks are Suited for Land Areas where Value must be Protected or Preserved - Wilmington, MA

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Cables have been in use for over half a century now. But due to the continuously growing demand for electric power, cables have been undergoing changes in system design and configuration in order to expand their reach. Nowadays, underground high voltage cable networks are becoming an increasingly more efficient and reliable alternative solution to overhead power lines.

ElecComm has unmatched engineering support and onsite project management to configure and install underground high voltage cable installations in Wilmington, MA. With enhanced technology and advanced installation techniques, you can be confident that you will have a cable network with increased reliability and reduced transmission losses.

Underground power lines have versatile and unique properties for transmitting power. Because they are installed out of sight, they are suited for applications in densely populated urban areas, sites where natural obstacles are present, or areas where planning consent is difficult. This alternative is also ideal for land with outstanding natural or environmental heritage, or land whose value must be maintained for future expansion and development.

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