Underground High Voltage Cable Networks Offer Advantage in Capital, Maintenance, and Transmission Loss Costs – Wilmington, MA

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In combining the capital, maintenance, and transmission loss costs over the life of a power line, underground high voltage cable networks are generally less expensive than above-ground lines. Because overhead power lines and towers can be unsightly and have other additional negatives, more and more high voltage transmission lines, both for the alternating and direct current, are being constructed underground.

The installation of new and improved underground power lines are less expensive than overhead lines. All of the costs related above need to be considered when transmission companies says that it is too expensive to bury high voltage power lines. In fact, many cities and towns have miles of buried high voltage lines, especially in preserved or densely populated, downtown areas.

The capital costs of underground high voltage cable installations in Wilmington, MA can be off-set by the advantages and benefits that are guarantees over-time. Maintenance costs of underground high voltage (UHV) cable networks are substantially lower than for overhead lines because they are not subject to weather, high winds, general deterioration from the elements, or accidents.

Additionally, transmission losses of UHV power lines are more than 50% lower than overhead power lines.

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