Underground High Voltage Cables are Best Used in Challenging Urban Settings and Sensitive Environments - Boston, MA

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Today’s underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA are continuously being improved with advanced installation techniques and state-of-the-art technology. A wide range of innovative distribution wire and cable solutions have paved the way to increase the reliability and versatility of UHV cables. As a result, underground high voltage cables are expanding their reach and are becoming more preferred than overhead lines for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Underground high voltage cable networks are replacing conventional overhead power lines in challenging urban settings or sensitive environments. Because installing them underground keeps them out of sight, it helps eliminate the visual impact of high voltage cables. Unlike overhead lines, the transmission routes are protected and are invisible so they do not cause any obstruction in sight line.

The use of underground power lines are a practical option for new construction and in many jurisdictions. These high voltage cables are also best installed in areas of natural beauty, protected areas, or locations close to communities. Additionally, they are also applicable in situations where the reliability of power is critical but where right-of-way is extremely limited such as in cosmopolitan areas.

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