Underground High Voltage Cables for Less Power Disruption

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ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

Gusty winds during stormy weather can cause downed power lines which greatly impact business continuity. Although, emergency restoration teams are immediately deployed for necessary repairs, depending on the extent of damage, it can often take days or weeks to fully restore power. With extensive disruption, repair expenses can be extensive and costly. For this reason and more underground high voltage cable networks make great business sense.

The initial expense of upgrading can be intimidating if all factors are not taken into consideration. But when the advantages are properly laid out, consumers can understand the benefits of underground power line. These advantages will support the initial investment and the decrease in repair and maintenance costs will pay for the installation over-time. Because the lines are underground they cannot be affected by strong wind, ice, snow or other environmental damage. With the decreased potential of the damage that can affect overhead lines, power interruptions are less likely. This means less uncontrollable business interruption.

Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA is highly recommended by commercial electric construction companies. The insulation system involved also means safer and more efficient power transmission. To find out more about the advantages of underground power lines, contact ElecComm.