Underground High Voltage Cabling Service and Consultation Services

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ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

Today we focus on the high voltage consultation side of our business services. We’ve delivered underground cable repair and maintenance services across Boston for years now. But our focus is first and foremost about the safe execution of high voltage cable operations. So let’s talk high voltage safety for a moment.

A strong high voltage operations and safety record does not come by accident. Strong attention to detail is required to achieve this result. It is of extreme importance to prevent accidents from underground services. Severe injuries or fatal damages are avoided when you take specialized care to avoid damaging underground cables. Strict compliance of the Home, Safety and Environment rules (HSE), while seemingly overly constrictive, provide the necessary constraints regarding digging near underground cables that protect equipment and personnel alike.

High voltage service operations demand the use of heavy and powerful machinery that can and do crush cables. If the cable is hot, this leads to explosion, flame, and exposure to high energy. This often results in severe burns to hands, face, and body even if protective clothing is being worn. Worst scenario people will be injured or killed by electric shock. Detailed advanced planning must be accomplished before ground is broke. Detailed excavation and line addressment planning is a core competency of the professions here at ElecComm.

Before you dig, allow us the privilege to develop and execute your high voltage operations plan. We’re confident no entity can do this for you more effectively and at the value pricing offered by us here at ElecComm. To get started, contact ElecComm.