Underground Power Lines and Their Primary Benefits - Boston, MA

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Failure rates of overhead and underground power lines can vary. However, typically the power outage rates of underground lines are about half that of overhead. This is just one of the many benefits of using underground power lines. As a matter of fact, the most often cited primary benefit of underground power lines over overhead can be divided into four areas: reduced maintenance and operating costs, lower storm restoration cost, lower tree-trimming cost, and improved reliability.

The nature of underground high voltage cable installation in Pittsfield, MA makes the power lines less susceptible to lightning, heavy rain or snowfall, birds and tree branches falling on wires, or anything that can cause damage to overhead powerlines. Because of this, one can expect far fewer momentary interruptions in the main grid, improved reliability without needing to have more maintenance, and of course reduced cases of repair or restoration.

Because the installation of underground high voltage cable networks is done below-ground, there is also improved visual appeal. Unsightly poles and wires cannot be seen. There is great savings in utilities and the site where they are installed is more protected.

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