Underground Power Lines are a Perfect Alternative when Acceptable Overhead Routes can’t be Found - Providence, RI

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There are a multitude of advantages and benefits in choosing underground high voltage cable installation in Providence, RI. They include higher public acceptance, fewer interruptions, significantly reduced maintenance costs, and protection against electromagnetic field radiation. At installation, the underground cables are more expensive than overhead power lines but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Apart from creating less visual and environmental impact, the underground high voltage cable networks require a narrower band of land. Because they are installed underground, the cables are less susceptible to the impacts of extreme weather conditions, migrating birds, and falling trees.

Unless an acceptable overhead route can be found, underground power lines are an appropriate solution for sections of a line. They are often used, and are actually more appropriate, in densely populated urban areas, locations where land is unavailable or consent from the Planning Office is difficult to obtain within an acceptable timeframe, land with outstanding natural or environmental heritage that needs to be preserved, places where a significant infrastructure development is present, venues whose value shall be maintained for future expansion or development.

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