Underground Power Lines can Provide Better Power Distribution in the Long Run - Plymouth, MA

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Electric utility managers often struggle with the balance between low rates and high reliability when providing electrical services to their customers. Higher reliability increases the satisfaction rate of homeowners and has significantly reduced the economic losses that businessmen face due to sudden power outages. However, this requires the power supplier to incur operational and maintenance expenses which can cause an increase in rates. With this challenge, power distribution utilities are considering underground high voltage cable installation in Plymouth, MA because it offers an increase in reliability and aesthetics, and using this alternative means greater operational and maintenance savings in the long run.

Installing underground power lines may cost more that installing overhead power lines but as mentioned earlier, it brings more savings in the long run. Underground power lines have lower transmission loss; they can absorb emergency power loads, have low maintenance costs, do not emit electric fields and can give off a lower magnetic field than overheard power lines, need less space for installation, and are less susceptible to the impact of harsh weather and other elements in the environment.

Underground high voltage cable networks are also a good investment because of their aesthetic value and convenience. Having no visible aerial cables that are supported by large pylons makes the area more eye-pleasing. They can transmit power in densely populated areas or where the land is environmentally and aesthetically sensitive. Underground cable networks may also be considered for bringing power across waterways, like rivers, and other natural obstacles.

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