Utility and Power Line Repairs from Summer Storms – Boston, Portsmouth

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Earlier this week, all over Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, sudden summer thunderstorms reaped havoc on trees, homes and power lines causing power outages for hundreds of customers. Summer storms happen anywhere at any time, especially during hurricane season. Utility companies regularly contract electric line construction companies for utility line repair and maintenance in order to get their customers’ power turned back on as soon as possible.

Utility companies and electric line construction companies need reputable storm response teams from line construction companies who are fully crossed trained and are ready for dispatch in preparation for any planned or unplanned weather event.

ElecComm provides assistance to major public utilities companies throughout Massachusetts and New England including PSNH, WMECO, Unitil, NHEC, and NSTAR,  restoring power during major power outages resulting from storms. For more information on ECC, contact us.