Utility Contracting Companies for Electric Line Construction and Maintenance – Boston, Hartford

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Full-service utility contracting companies offers turnkey services for electric transmission, distribution and telecommunications, including engineering, procurement and construction as well as working with transformers and sub-stations. ElecComm provides project management, design, engineering and end to end management expertise for all electric line construction projects.

ElecComm thrives on the completing any power line construction project in the most rugged terrains during the worst weather, in any temperature. In fact, the worst weather in New England facilitates even more business in electric line construction and maintenance. During winter storms ElecComm is the company that utility companies across New England call in order to restore power faster.

Electric line construction project also have a significant number of environmental constraints. In addition to the engineering and project management, utility contracting companies need to be constantly aware of the migration patterns of wildlife including birds and fish. Also, they need to be minimally invasive when cutting and clearing for the right-of-way.

A lot of the work that is done is designed to expand and upgrade the power grid system in New England. In fact, utility companies are planning and scheduling projects of this sort over the next few years as residential and commercial construction continues to increase throughout New England.

Projects include upgrading transmission lines, wind farm projects which can include the construction of wind turbines, a new substation and interconnection to the power grid, and maintenance and repair projects. For more information contact ElecComm.