Utility Line Storm Response In New England

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Winter weather is on the way. During storm season, your utility company monitor the weather in the New England service area. They do this along with the weather services. If severe weather – rain, snow, strong winds – are on the way, they begin to put people and equipment in place as soon as possible. Additionally, they begin to contanct ElecComm. ElecComm helps New England utility companies with repair and maintenance of utility lines as well as with storm response.

Your utility companies work with cities and towns days before storms hit in order to maintain open lines of communications. They are also confident in our ability to respond to the needs of towns and municipalities when it comes to storm response for downed utility lines.

In the event of a weather emergency you can rely on the expertise of ElecComm, as well as our relationships with your utility companies, to get your power back up and running. For more information contact us.