Vehicle Fleet: Solution to a Safer and More Sustainable Electric Line Construction - Wilmington, MA

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A vehicle fleet may be composed of cars, pickups, trailers, trucks, vans, or related motor vehicles used to deliver products to customers, to travel to client's offices, support telecommunication networks, and more.

Companies with a large-scale vehicle fleet can improve the efficiency and increase productivity in the field. With this service existing at ElecComm, the risks relative to constructing telecommunication networks and installing underground high voltage cables can now be reduced, if not absolutely removed.

ElecComm has an extensive fleet of state of the art equipment for any size of electrical construction crew. Every vehicle in the fleet not only meets all of your needs out in the field but also allows us to select the best equipment to meet your company's budget. All of them are well-equipped with benchmark safety features. These help the ElecComm crew to achieve maximum productivity and protection for both emergency and planned high voltage and communications work.

ElecComm offers the highest quality tools and equipment, engineered to shorten installation time and increase safety. Through an extensive vehicle fleet a better means of safe and effective overhead or underground electric and communications line construction is made possible. With the most reliable technical support and customer service, ElecComm continues to cater to your concerns pertaining to telecommunication networks and underground high/low voltage cable by providing cable installation equipment as well as cable pulling equipment in their vehicle fleet.

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