Why Choose Underground High Voltage Cable Networks? –- Wilmington, MA

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In years past there were reasons for power lines to be overhead. However today there are valid reasons along with the technology for power lines to be buried underground. The cost of installing underground power lines is more expensive than the cost of placing the power lines overhead. But this difference is offset by the many advantages of burying power lines underground.

Underground high voltage cable networks have several advantages over overhead power lines. These include reduced magnetic interference because electric fields decay quickly when immersed in a conductor like the earth, and reduced exposure to weather including lightning and wind that can cause damage to the power lines.

Because of the many advantages of burying power lines, underground high voltage cable installation in MA and in other areas are now becoming much more common. As a matter of fact, areas that have historic and environmental significance are now choosing to bury power lines in order to preserve the area and to minimize significant risks to placing power lines overhead where they are exposed to wind, lightning, rain, and interference from trees.

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