Wind and Solar Power Need Transmission Lines – Boston, Providence

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With the increased interest in renewable energy like solar power and wind farms, states like Massachusetts and Rhode Island have been building solar fields and discussing wind power. In fact, many, if not all New England States, offer incentives to companies and businesses who choose to invest in solar and wind energy.

Massachusetts has become one of the leaders in renewable energy. Solar power, however, has surpassed and outpaced wind energy in recent years. Renewable energy capacity is growing by 25% per year, and solar is growing even faster.

Electric power transmission is the process where large amounts of electricity produced at power plants like industrial-scale solar facilities, is transported over long distances for eventual use by consumers.

Wind turbines and solar panels are not all that is needed for renewable energy transmission. If there are no existing suitable transmission facilities available for newly constructed solar energy power plants and wind farms new transmission lines and associated infrastructure is required. Turbines and solar panels are what the public sees, but transmission lines, transmission towers, and substations  to bring the power generated to the energy grid are necessary as well.

Engineering and project management are also a massive part of this endeavor. For more information on power infrastructure construction, contact ElecComm.

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