Winter is Coming and You WILL Lose Power – We’re Boston’s Storm Response Team

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ElecComm - Storm Response Team, Boston, MA

For years now, ElecComm has served as Boston’s electrical repair emergency response team. The brutal Boston weather produces high winds that knock over trees and any power line in the near vicinity. Even on the calmest winter weather (that will soon arrive us), snow and ice send branches tumbling and onto power lines. We’re proud of the fact that over the years, we’ve promptly responded to power emergencies across Boston to return power to both public and private entities, often times, in a lifesaving manner.

Another issue with extreme temperatures is that consumer demand for energy is higher. Heat pumps are operating continuously, emergency heat systems and electric space heaters are running as well. If temperature extremes are worse than forecast and/or happen faster than forecast, the utility providers may not have planned for or had enough time to bring sufficient generation online to support the demand. This can result in local or widespread overloads that may cause service to some neighborhoods to go offline automatically or switch to rotating blackouts. We’ve seen it all and we’ve been a trusted source to solve Boston power emergencies. For more information on power line emergency response or infrastructure repair and/or electrical augmentation services, contact ElecComm.