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Telecommunication Network Services That You Can Trust

- Thursday, March 18, 2021
ElecComm - Fiber Optic Communication Services, Boston, MA

ElecComm Corporation (headquartered in Wilmington, Mass) has substantially grown and expanded its business serving all of New England and provides project management, design, engineering and end to end management expertise. ECC customers include but not limited to major utility companies, state and local government, communication service providers, government federally funded projects, municipalities and private entities.

Here is the list of our core competencies for you to consider:

  • Underground Electrical Construction
  • Overhead Electrical Construction
  • Scheduled Electrical Maintenance
  • Emergency Electrical Restoration
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Digital Network Testing
  • Digital Network Installation
  • Fiber Documentation

Our storm response team is available 24x7 for both overhead and underground emergency outages bringing power back to life for your customers. The crucial part of any business success is efficient, timely, and reliable communication within the organization and with the customers. And in maximizing the maintenance of the smooth day-to-day operation, telecom services provider makes it possible.

The transmission system of telecommunication networks facilitates the information to be transmitted in analog or digital form from different sites through electromagnetic signals. This information consists of audio or video data or some other types of data. During the transmission of information through digital and analog signals it transfers through electromagnetic waves. This is the reason why there are changes in frequency and amplitude when you play the music or images on the screen. And when you see some continuous waves that do not have any values it is an analog signal. Through this transmission of wireless data makes it possible by the radio waves. And the waves are generated naturally by generating vibration of electricity though it will be modified by their amplitude or frequency to transmit sound or data.

ElecComm has the ability to engineer, manage and perform the construction, splicing, testing maintenance, and restoration of fiber, copper, and hybrid fiber-coax telecommunications networks. To learn more about our telecommunication services, contact ElecComm.

Job Opportunity: Cable Splicer - First Class

- Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Job Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate the habits of a safe and careful worker and become familiar with and practice all National Grid Safety Standards.
  • Proficient in advanced splicing techniques, URD equipment, street light equipment, cable identification, rigging, pulling and racking.
  • Assist in the training of lower classes and perform all tasks of lower classifications.
  • Ability to perform the following duties:
    • Build a 23kV PILC straight 3/C to 3/C straight splice, large sleeve lead-wiping use of steps, oil tapes. Read standards/charge out stock.
    • Build a 15/23kV PILC trifurcating 3-1/C conductor to 3/C, large sleeve lead wiping of multiple joints with stress cones, oil tapes, stepping.
    • Build 3/C PILC to 3-1/C solid dielectric heat shrink trifurcating splice. Ability to read/interpret manufacturer instructions of complex joints.
    • Build a 15/23kV PILC half CTM splice. Ability to read instructions for CTM with an XLPE tap.
    • Ability to properly break down paper and lead joints and construct a split sleeve for PILC joints.
    • Build various splices for solid dielectric cables up to 35kV class, including heat shrink and cold shrink straight splices and terminators, H & Y pre-molded splices, and load break elbows.
    • Review of all test equipment, prints and one-lines.
    • Review of Tailboard Conference/Job Briefing and review of all safety equipment.
    • Lead, plan and direct jobs as well as inspect and maintain tools and equipment.
    • Trouble shooting skills with live voltage.

Job Qualifications:

  • Must have at least two years of experience in the utility or related industry as a rated first class splicer.
  • Successful applicant must past the EEI CAST test and pre-employment proficiency qualification test.
  • Capable of working well with others in a team environment and as an individual contributor.
  • Must successfully complete all department tests and acquire licenses and certificates including, but not limited to, System Hoisting Certificate, Clearance and Control Test, Asbestos License, etc.
  • Requires exposure to inclement weather, temperature extremes, high noise levels, vibrations, electrical current, fumes and odors.
  • Become familiar with construction, operating and maintenance standards and procedures.
  • May be required to handle substances considered hazardous under the U.S. Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Law or the Massachusetts Right to Know Law.
  • May be required to work a reasonable amount of planned and emergency overtime, making available to supervisor an acceptable means of off-hour contact by telephone.
  • Perform heavy work lifting and pulling over 100 pounds.
  • Must be able to climb ladders, stairs, scaffolding, and use aerial bucket at construction sites.
  • Must have and maintain a valid driver's license to operate vehicles associated with job duties and must pass a DOT physical. Must be able to obtain and retain a License (CDL) with proper endorsements to operate all applicable Company equipment; or if a current CDL holder, license must be in good standing.

ElecComm’s Storm Response Team: Stand-By Readiness for Your Emergency Power Restoration Needs

- Thursday, March 04, 2021
ElecComm’s Power Emergency Response Team

When your customers are in the dark due to storm, trees, vehicles, or whatever other threats loom out there, know that you can restore services and solidify your reputation via contract rapid response electrical restoration services. Emergency power restoration is a an ElecComm core competency that time and time again proves effective and appreciated by power companies all across New England.

In facing the aftermath of a storm, it goes without saying that you understand the challenges regarding downed towers, damaged transformer stations, snapped poles, and countless other causes of outage. We certainly do because we’ve responded to these outages for years now. By many power providers, we are considered their single most valued partner in business. And we’d welcome the opportunity to be yours.

Contact ElecComm in the event of power emergencies across New England.

ElecComm is Hiring!

- Monday, March 01, 2021
ElecComm - Careers in Wilmington, MA

ElecComm continually looks to add new experienced or entry level talent to our expanding workforce. Our team is distributed throughout New England and we encourage applicants from surrounding states. ECC is a UWUA local 369 company.

ECC takes pride in our team and offers a well-rounded benefits package that includes comprehensive medical and dental coverage, a 401(k) plan with company match, profit sharing plan, life and disability insurance as well as paid time off.

We pride ourselves in safety, health, training and state of the art equipment for our employees and participate in the UWUA Apprenticeship Program. Our team is continually cross trained and upholds the highest safety standards in the workplace. ECC is an equal opportunity employer.

Please submit your resume to

Employment Opportunities:

  • UG Lineworker Leader
    Responsible for the installing, and constructing of plant and equipment. Directs and trains employees of an equal or lower rating. Incubmbents work under general supervision. More info...
  • UG Lineworker Class 1
    Responsible for the installing, and constructing of plant and equipment. Directs and trains employees of an equal or lower rating. Works under general supervision. More info...
  • UG Lineworker Class 2
    Responsible for the installing, and constructing of plant and equipment. Directs and trains employees of an equal or lower rating. Works under general supervision. More info...
  • UG Lineworker Class 3
    Responsible for the installing, and constructing of plant and equipment. Works under general supervision. Works under directive supervision when installing cable or equipment.More info...

Underground Cable Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services

- Thursday, February 25, 2021
ElecComm - Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

Installing, maintaining, and repairing underground electrical cable systems requires highly trained and experienced technicians. This is not a simple task. All activities must be coordinated with procedural definitions clearly communicated to attain safe and effective exposure to underground electrical cable systems. We make this happen for all entities charged with underground cable system operations.

Before starting the job it is important that all information related to work in process will be disseminated to the concerned parties in order to have an access to locked areas and basements. Delay will be avoided once the materials are delivered on site and an ocular inspection at the site is highly important in order to check the area and make sure no other parties will be working in the area once you commence work. It is necessary to ensure the conduits are marked to provide instructions to the certified electrician to install the strings. More so, the rack locations need to be set up a little distance from where you work. Avoid getting too close to the point.

And to ensure safety in using the cables, identify the cable by putting a label on each cable and add a pull string to each pull. And when you are about to pull, replace all the pull strings with a rope. In this way, all cables are easily identified and will not get stuck. Nothing beats complying with all the safety precautions that will give a successful cable pull.

If you are looking for expert technicians to safely perform an underground cable installation project, contact ElecComm.

Get to Know Your Emergency Power Storm Response Team Here in Boston

- Thursday, February 18, 2021
ElecComm - Emergency Power Storm Response Team

Prompt, proven, professional, reliable, and affordable electrical power storm response services are attainable right here in Boston. Of course, you can’t predict when mother nature will deal us another crushing blow, but we’ve restored Boston-area power for years now and want to team with you in advance of the next storm. Your customers demand prompt response and ElecComm’s electrical power emergency storm response team will deliver that for you.

During winter, technical glitches and storm-related destruction of overhead powerlines is inevitable. Snow, wind, ice, and vehicle impact dismantle the flow of overhead high voltage power systems. Repair and maintenance to overhead power lines is routinely outsourced to the trusted professionals here at ElecComm. Our crew is made of expert electricians who have the knowledge and skills, as well as the relevant experience to ensure that power is restored as soon as possible. As a result, homeowners and businesses will be unnecessarily inconvenienced from the unexpected loss of power in storm-damaged areas.

The crew at ElecComm is dispatched to the location of downed power lines to conduct immediate and accurate repairs. When large-scale power outages occur at the same time, our crew will focus on the areas where the primary lines are down in order to immediately put an end to the inconvenience that such downtime causes to homeowners and businesses.

To find out more about repair and maintenance to overhead power lines, contact ElecComm.

Fiber Fusion Splicing Services

- Thursday, February 11, 2021
ElecComm Fiber optic splicing in Boston, MA

Fusion splicing is increasingly popular for fiber optic termination. This is because of the process delivers excellent performance benefit while simultaneously providing protection against cable failure and weak signals. The result of which is the effective joining of two optical fibers end-to-end makes the light passing through the fibers intact and reflected back by the splice.

The process of fusion splicing is done with the coatings removed and the two bare fiber ends are fused together by heating with a high-voltage electric discharge. After heating them for a short time, the surface melts and pushes together until both ends are brought in close contact with a small gap in between. The pressure is in achieving a good alignment between the two fiber ends. In order to be precisely aligned the fibers before the splicing are ensured that the core matches well. It is to avoid the risk that the surface tension will pull the fiber ends towards a position other than the areas that have been matched.

The fibers ends are normally prepared, split off and placed in alignment fixtures on the fusion splicer. The fusion splicer is the machine used to weld or fuse two optical fibers together. And to ensure utmost safety protection of the heated shrink splice sleeves is to store correctly in a proper storage that has ideal condition against moisture and other environmental hazards. By doing so, it will maintain its effectiveness and secure the fragile joints.

For more tips on Fusion splicing, contact ElecComm.

Overhead Electrical Power Supply Storm Response Services

- Sunday, January 31, 2021
ElecComm’s Power Emergency Response Team

In transmitting electric energy especially for long-distance transmission to large quantities of electric energy, overhead power lines are the most commonly used. This is because the uninsulated electrical cables being suspended in towers or poles are insulated by the surrounding air as it is in an open space. And once the safety measures and required overhead line standards are followed, it provides greater comfort and improved functions in the distribution of electric energy without interruptions.

The efficiency of an overhead power supply in transmitting or distributing electric power depends on the design of the line. Overhead power lines must possess the mechanical strength to survive various weather conditions. With that said, sometimes mother nature is just too strong. High winds, falling trees, salt, and other elements conspire to destroy the continuity of the line. When that happens, ElecComm is equipped, trained, and ready to respond.

When power disaster strikes, turn to professionals of ElecComm’s Power Emergency Response Team.

Fireproof Underground High-Voltage Cabling Services

- Thursday, January 28, 2021
ElecComm - fiber optic splicing in MA

Today we’re going to address the vital importance in applying fireproof coating to all high-voltage underground cabling systems.

This is especially true at coal-fired power plants. In almost every underground high-voltage cable run at coal plants, the cable will be exposed to varying degree of coal dust. It is vital to not only remove this combustible dust but to protect the cable should any of the dust ignite. As such, cleaning the cables is a big task before the coating is done. It is also an essential requirement that the fire security teams are knowledgeable and experienced in coating applications. With the expertise of the fire security teams, the repair of high voltage cables without any shutdown of production is highly commendable. Normally, replacing damaged cables requires a shutdown of operation. Likewise, the fire protection of the cables reduces the company's operational cost in insurance and other related matters.

The fireproofing works that render something fire-resistant or incombustible to an entire structure or some building components is a compliant fire protection measure that increases electrical safety in the underground construction.

For more tips on electrical fireproofing, contact ElecComm.

Rapid Response Downed Power Line Services

- Thursday, January 21, 2021
ElecComm - power line storm response in Boston, MA

Downed power lines are a certain and dangerous winter threat. Power disruption takes a second-seat to safety in the early stages of power line failures. Rapid response to the situation is key. ElecComm’s storm response team exists to safely resolve such issues safely and fast!

You may sustain severe to fatal injuries by touching- or being too close to- power lines. So ElecComm wants to remind you again about safety tips to prepare in the event you encounter a downed electric power line.

  • Assume all downed cables as live lines. Stay at least 35 feet away. Electricity can travel through water and the ground around power lines.
  • Report any downed wires to the local authorities or electric company right away. Stay far back.
  • Refrain from clearing snow, ice, or storm debris until the power is disconnected or power lines are repaired.
  • If a power line lands on your vehicle while you are in it, stay in the vehicle until emergency responders arrive. Exiting a vehicle that has been contacted by a live power line is extremely dangerous. Similarly, do not attempt to assist someone if their vehicle is in contact with power lines.
  • If you notice the power line is on your vehicle before you enter, stay out of the vehicle, back away, and call the authorities and/or the local utility company.

For prompt emergency response and rapid power restoration, contact ElecComm.

Telecommunication Network Design and Maintenance Services for Boston Mass and Beyond

- Thursday, January 14, 2021

For many businesses across the greater Boston area, reliable and fast network infrastructure is fundamentally important to remaining competitive. For years now, Boston business owners have entrusted their telecommunication network installation and maintenance services to us here at ElecComm. We understand the criticality of this service to your business and we work with professional speed, effectiveness, and affordability that will earn your trust.

Every business’ network is custom and strategically engineered to your exact business communication strategy and need. We employ state of the art network electronic and physical security measures to protect your intellectual capital to the maximum extent possible. Like most business across Boston, yours is likely composed of cross-functional teams, therefore we’ll design your telecommunication network to facilitate and integrate your teams smartly. Telephones, internet-connected computers, fax machines, servers, and handheld mobile devices are more useful because their capabilities are increased through a carefully developed telecommunications network. Fiber optic networks provide an effective platform to actualize joint ventures to improve team output and customer service.

To find out more about fast, reliable, and affordable telecommunication network services, contact ElecComm.


- Thursday, December 31, 2020
ElecComm - Storm Response Team, Boston, MA

For years now, whenever emergency power situation arise across the greater Boston area, EleComm has proven ready and effective in getting things solved. We’ve developed a team of electrical professionals, all equipped with state of the art electrical repair equipment, to restore power at the most value priced service available across the area. It is a badge of honor that we all wear knowing that we restore critical services on a regular basis to our friends and neighbors here in Boston.

The emergency restoration of electric power normally undergoes a series of restoration activities. There are some factors for consideration like the extent of damage to the electrical system and the specific location in which to perform the emergency process. Another factor is the availability of the workers or personnel who will conduct the repairs and their technical know-how. Adding more, it is the priority to give immediate repair on the critical situation of the load and goes with the availability of equipment and facilities to complete the required repairs. After careful assessment of the situation, only then the immediate repair will be carried out.

There are organizations that specialize on the restoration process which provides efficient and professional electricity system operators that have undergone testing and licensure on their knowledge on distribution, transmission and other utilities that have supported credentials based on their skills and the resources of the line and electrician crews issued by the local utilities. And with this, a trusted and reliable repair system is promptly undertaken and restored.

For more tips on Emergency restoration, contact ElecComm.

HOT STICK AND HOTLINE TOOL TESTING: Minimizes Load of Hazards and Obstacles at Site

- Wednesday, December 30, 2020
ETS Inspection and Services, Boston, MA

It is an absolute mandate that your electrical hot sticks be fully tested and functional. The safety of your staff and equipment count on it. ETS Inspection and Testing Services is Boston’s leader in electrical equipment testing and certification processing.

In the electric power distribution industry, a hot stick is and insulated pole, usually made of fiberglass, used by the electric utility workers when engaged on live-line working on energized high-voltage electric power lines, to protect them from electric shock. Depending on the tool attached to the end of the hot stick, it is possible to test for voltage, tighten nuts and bolts, apply tie wires, open and close switches, replace fuses, lay insulating sleeves on wires, and perform various other tasks while not exposing the crew to a large risk of electric shock.

In the United States, American Society for Testing Materials Standard F 711 specifies the stringent requirements for hot sticks, and US OSHA standards require that they be inspected and electrically tested every two years.

We provide repair services as well. They types of electrical repair services that we provide include:

  • Full hydraulic repairs
  • Cylinder Repairs
  • Cylinder Rebuilding
  • Engine Service
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Welding Repairs
  • Welding Fabrication
  • Electrical Diagnosis
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Paint Service
  • Reconditioning Programs

For more tips on Hot stick and other electrical equipment testing and repair services, contact ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

Warm Holiday Greetings To You All

- Monday, December 21, 2020
Happy Holidays From ElecComm

Warm Holiday greetings to you all. We write this note to you with joyous confidence that 2021 will bring happier, healthy, and more profitable days to us all! That wish is certainly a cause for optimistic celebration this Holiday season.

Our Holiday gift to you is the gift of small business in your community. To be able to buy locally is a true gift to your neighborhood as well as to your family and friends. We hope that everyone reading this takes a measured effort to buy local to the fullest extent possible, not only during this Holiday season but going forward as well.

Buying local is one of the best gifts you can give to your neighbors and your community. Visit a local restaurant, salon, store, or shop for better relationships and better customer service; but more so you can shake the owner’s hand and wish them the best in 2021 and beyond. That will be a gift for you both. Help make this a joyous holiday for everyone: Give the gift of your business to a local business.

We wish you and your entire family happiness, health, and warmth this Holiday season. Our warmest regards to you all.

Warm Holiday Greetings To You All

- Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Happy Holidays From ETS

Warm Holiday greetings to you all. We write this note to you with joyous confidence that 2021 will bring happier, healthy, and more profitable days to us all! That wish is certainly a cause for optimistic celebration this Holiday season.

Our Holiday gift to you is the gift of small business in your community. To be able to buy locally is a true gift to your neighborhood as well as to your family and friends. We hope that everyone reading this takes a measured effort to buy local to the fullest extent possible, not only during this Holiday season but going forward as well.

Buying local is one of the best gifts you can give to your neighbors and your community. Visit a local restaurant, salon, store, or shop for better relationships and better customer service; but more so you can shake the owner’s hand and wish them the best in 2021 and beyond. That will be a gift for you both. Help make this a joyous holiday for everyone: Give the gift of your business to a local business.

We wish you and your entire family happiness, health, and warmth this Holiday season. Our warmest regards to you all.

Power and Telecommunication Network Services

- Monday, December 07, 2020
ElecComm - Bosotn, MA

We are proud of our reputation here in Boston for being THE go-to company for emergency above ground power line repair and restoration services. We specialize in rapid response power restoration, but we specialize also in a host of other electrical-related services. But we do so much more than that. Let’s discuss two other services that Boston-area business owners benefit from:

Underground High/Low Voltage Cable Installation and Removal:

All cable sizes including, not limited to: 1000Kcml, 700, 500, 300, 250, 1/0, and 2str.

  • Copper or Aluminum Cable
  • URD Installations
  • Rod/Rope and brush ducts
  • Pump and Clean MH's
  • Fiber Optic and Cable Installation and Splicing
  • Inner Duct Installation
  • All Grounding

Telecommunication Network Solutions

We engineer, manage, and perform network construction, splicing, testing, and restoration services for fiber, copper, and hybrid fiber-coax telecommunications networks.

For more information on our wide-range of electrical services to include rapid response overhead repair services, contact ElecComm.

Thanksgiving Reflections from Our Team to Yours

- Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Thanksgiving Reflections from Our Team to Yours

We have all been challenged this year. But, never have we felt closer to our family, staff, customers, and vendors. For this we can give Thanks. The Covid-19 pandemic challenged our business as it did each and every business across our great nation. But, we would like to share with you the positives that came out of this experience.

Our families, our staff, our customers, and our vendors all remind us of the blessing it is to own and operate. The support that you have all provided, and continue to provide, during one of the most troubling and challenging times in American history is nothing short of humbling. That we in our own way returned some of that support to you has us arriving this Thanksgiving season with a deeper appreciation for our relationship with you. We move forward with an extraordinary focus to ensure that the quality of our service meets your needs, expectations, and earns your continued and highly valued trust. We do this with confidence that, together, we all will make it through the unique challenges that lay ahead.

In many ways we have more to be thankful for this year than ever before. This Thanksgiving season, we continue to reflect, recognize, give thanks, and be warmed by you all. As always, we invite you to contact us anytime with ideas, questions, and/or concerns. Thank you, and sincere "Happy Thanksgiving" wishes to you all!

ElecComm Fleets for Quick Power Restoration Efforts

- Thursday, November 19, 2020
ElecComm power restoration assets

The winter snow is beautiful. Families love it for good reason. But electrical utility providers know that snow turns to ice, ice is heavy, and ultimately wreak havoc on overhead power utility lines. We exist to rapidly respond to power emergencies.

Here are some of the various ElecComm power restoration assets that are prepared, checked, and ready to rapidly respond to any emergency:

  • Man-lift Bucket Trucks
  • Material Bucket Trucks
  • Cable Truck
  • Cable Load Lugger
  • Digger Derrick
  • Underground Cable Puller
  • Splice vans(Step Van)
  • Aerial Splice Van
  • Cable Trailer(heavy duty)
  • Cable Trailer(light duty)
  • Cable Pulling Machine
  • Fiber Optic Trailer
  • Generators(Hydraulic)
  • Fiber Optic Pulling Machines
  • Fiber Cube Van
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Rod/Puller

In the event of technical glitches in the power poles due to strong wind and fallen trees, don't hesitate to contact ElecComm. Our team is always ready to respond 24/7.

ElecComm Is Prepared to Recover You From Boston’s Winter Storm

- Thursday, November 12, 2020
ElecComm - Storm Response Team, Boston, MA

ElecComm team is prepared and ready for the damaging Boston winter weather that wreaks havoc on the regional electrical grid. Winter power outages are increasingly common in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the rest of New England. Once again, we’re geared-up and ready to rapidly respond to any interruption within the commercial power grid system. Bookmark this link to our electrical emergency storm response team.

As you know, power outages negatively affect residents and businesses alike. Numerous critical services are disabled to include some life-sustaining medical equipment that has limited or no emergency backup battery capability. Time is of the essence for repair of any power disruption, and we run away from all electrical repair companies in terms of rapid and quality electrical power problem resolution services. The ElecComm power emergency response team remains on standby 24/7 and ready to respond on moments notice. We serve public and private utility companies as well as private businesses across Boston and the entire New England region. For more information on storm response and power restoration, contact us.

Electrical Rubber Glove and Cover Safety Inspection Testing Services

- Thursday, November 12, 2020
ETS Inspection and Services, Boston, MA

Every year, business owners suffer the devastating effect of workplace injuries and deaths. Many of these disasters are caused by electrical arc explosions that electrocute and burn those within close proximity of the arc. Sadly, these disasters are almost always preventable when your electrical safety equipment is placed and in proper working condition. A common theme of electrical workplace disaster is that proper electrical safety equipment was placed, but for a host of reasons, had become inoperable and ineffective. For whatever reason, regular recurring inspections of electrical safety equipment was either overlooked or deprioritized. We are in the business to ensure this NEVER happens to you and your business.

We’ll offer some simple and free advice here that just may save your or an employee’s life. Take the time to closely inspect your rubber gloves. This critical piece of safety equipment is one of the most overlooked equipment items from the safety perspective. Far too many take the rubber glove for granted that it remains viable and fully effective. The fact is that they get nicked, cut, or simply wear out. Check your maintenance records and determine when you accomplished the last comprehensive inspection of your rubber glove inventory.

Another item that deserves a high level of functional efficiency testing are your insulating rubber covers. This is the protective gear designed to protect workers from accidental brush contact. They distance workers from electrical loads that almost always charged with potentially fatal electrical energy. This equipment must be inspected and replaced by trained electrical professionals.

For information regarding any form of electrical safety testing and certification services, contact ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

Underground High Voltage Cable Network Solutions For Boston Mass

- Thursday, November 05, 2020
ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

As the demand for electric power grows in Massachusetts, distributors are developing high voltage cable networks that are faster and more efficient. Overhead power lines have always been the preferred choice because of their affordable cost. However, in terms of performance and environmental acceptance, underground power lines are a more favorable alternative.

Underground high voltage cable networks here in Boston are the preferred solutions for new power distribution needs for a host of reasons. Since the cables are located below the ground, the entire system is shielded from environmental and man-made stressors that take down overhead power solutions. No power system is completely risk free. With that said, it is easy to understand the toll that severe Boston winter weather and downed trees alone have on unprotected above-ground power lines. That same harsh winter places a comparatively harsh corrosion burden upon above ground lines while the buried cable network is largely protected from the same.

Underground high voltage cable installations here in Boston offer additional advantages for power distributors. An underground network of high voltage cables is faster to install and offer a large degree of beautification to the Boston skyline. These cables are strategically engineered to minimize energy loss, improve transmission reliability, and reduce risk of network failure.

To find out more about the advantages and applications for underground cable networks, contact ElecComm.

Warning: Your High Voltage Service Equipment May be Out of OSHA Standards

- Friday, October 30, 2020
ETS Inspection and Services, Boston, MA

Aerial devices have been designed and built with adequate safety factors however in-service accidents, overloads, and fatigue can cause problems to develop. OSHA and ANSI require regular annual inspections. A thorough, regularly scheduled inspection and test program can identify developing problems before they cause injuries or downtime. Here at ETS Inspection and Testing Services, our mission is to eliminate downtime for our clients by using a fully equipped, on-site dielectric, critical repair and inspection testing lab for live line tools and equipment of all sizes to meet ANSI safety guidelines all over New England.

We understand that your focus is on operations and client delivery. Most New England high voltage service providers discover the fiscal and operational impracticality of self-helping dielectric testing and repair. Something as vitally important high voltage safety is best left to an unbiased third party. We are the professional team to do this for you.

The following inspections and tests shall be performed by the operator periodically:

  1. Conduct a walk around visual inspection looking for damaged components, cracks or corrosion, excessive wear and any loose, deformed or missing bolts, pins, fasteners, locking devices and covers.
  2. Check visual and audible safety devices for proper operation.
  3. Visually inspect fiberglass and insulating components for visible damage and contamination.
  4. Check for missing or illegible operational and instructional markings.
  5. Check for hydraulic and pneumatic systems for observable deterioration and excessive leakage.
  6. Check electrical systems related to the aerial device for malfunctions, signs of excessive deterioration, dirt and moisture accumulation.
  7. Perform functional test to include the following:
    1. Setup the aerial device for operation, including outriggers.
    2. Cycle the aerial device function’s through the complete range of motion from the lower controls, except where operation through the complete range of motion would create a hazard
    3. Check functionality of emergency controls

We urge those of you who may have let dielectric testing schedules slip to give us an immediate call. We’ll get you checked out, repaired, and returned to safe operating conditions and within OSHA guidelines in short order. Contact ETS Inspection and Testing.

Proper Planning of Cable Pulling System Saves Time and Yields Optimum Productivity

- Thursday, October 29, 2020
ElecComm - Telecommunication Network Solution, Boston, MA

A successful cable pulling experience is achieved once proper planning is being worked out correctly. With the use of the proper tools and necessary thorough preparation, the actual process will save time and yields optimum productivity in the job site. A little anticipation or creative thinking on the work to be done will save the cost of doing the re-pulling cable runs that will be damaged during the initial installation.

There are different factors to be considered in the pre-planning stage before the actual cable pulling is done. Before starting work on the job site, installers or technicians will identify the type of environment. It is a common mistake to pull cable when it has been stored in a cold environment. In this case, the insulation will be affected and is conducive to cracking or splitting even with minimal pulling tension. Hence, damaged insulation is like compared to no insulation at all in the future. Adding more the moisture will affect the cables than others. It will affect the insulation and capability of the cable. Whatever the cable type is, it is of utmost importance to seal the cable ends with an approved sealing method.

A productive cable installation will require essential knowledge and understanding on the basics of cable. It is highly important to identify the cable type and specification, the temperature, checking the moisture, set up the cable route and the necessary hardware for cable support. In addition, the proper scheduling of multiple cable runs to be pulled at one time will reduce labor costs and only then it is assumed that the cable pulling will be successful.

For more tips on telecommunication network installation, contact ElecComm.

Telecommunication Network Installation, Maintenance, and Testing Services

- Thursday, October 22, 2020
ElecComm - Bosotn, MA

Empowering Boston-area business owners with safe, secure, and reliable data transmission is the sole focus of our telecommunication network team here in Boston, MA. Here’s a quick reference to the specialized network installation services provided here by your team of ElecComm professionals:

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Site Survey
  • Installation of fiber plant including (ISP) Inside Plant and (OSP)Outside Plant all aspects
  • Installation of FDP(Fiber Distribution Panel), Wall Box splice boxes
  • Installation of OSP splice enclosures including aerial enclosures pedestals
  • Installation of network center and fiber hub equipment
  • Deployment of CWDM and PON network
  • Deployment of 10gig network
  • Deployment of FTTT network
  • Deployment of FTTH and cell backhaul network
  • Deployment of Municipal networks
  • Deployment of Metro fiber rings
  • Deployment of Utility/Smart Grid networks

We provide a host of other telecommunication network services that we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you personally. Those service include (but are not limited to):

  • Underground Network Construction
  • Overhead Network Construction
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Network Installation
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Restoration

Teaming with a proven telecommunication network support provider is a profitable business endeavor. Team with us. Contact ElecComm.

Hot Stick and Rubber Power Line Safety Cover Services

- Thursday, October 15, 2020

Hello all. ETS Inspection and Testing Services here in Boston should be your first choice for test and evaluation of high voltage servicing equipment such as “hot sticks”. Aerial devices have been designed and built with adequate safety factors however in-service accidents, overloads, and fatigue can cause problems to develop. OSHA and ANSI require regular annual inspections. A thorough, regularly scheduled inspection and test program can identify developing problems before they cause injuries or downtime. We provide the highest quality and most affordable OSHA and ANSI aerial device and other high voltage maintenance equipment throughout the greater Boston area.

Improperly maintained electrical maintenance support equipment is well documented as the cause for industrial accidents such as electric burns, electrocution, arc flash, fire, and explosions. These are all disastrous circumstances whose risk can be mitigated when your gear is governed under a systematic preventative maintenance and inspection program like ours here at ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

ETS, Inc. provides annual testing, repairs and inspection services at your site or at our base station that services the greater Boston area. Our staff is experienced and certified to deliver guaranteed structural and dielectric testing.

To learn more about how ETS Inspection and Testing Services can keep you operating safely within OSH and ANSI guidelines, but more importantly, keep you staff and business well protected, contact ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

Importance of Electrical System Upgrades As Winter Prep

- Thursday, October 15, 2020
ElecComm - power line storm response in Boston, MA

Electrical system support provider’s worst enemy is winter weather. The end users of your power systems count on uninterrupted power. In areas primarily supported by overhead power lines, this is an unrealistic expectation. Rapid-response problem resolution is expected and will largely drive the reputation of the electrical support provider. That’s when ElecComm’s Storm Response Team” becomes Boston-area’s electrical service provider’s best friend.

We encourage any and all of you to get ahead of the game and establish a relationship with our Storm Response Team. You need to know exactly how well we are equipped, staffed, and our reputation for minimizing the time required for emergency electrical repair across Boston. So when your systems go down, we’ll deliver upon your expectation management as we have for all our Boston-area customers for years now.

But just to be clear, we are so much more than an electrical emergency response force. We constantly repair and replace aging electrical infrastructure. In fact, we have an entire division dedicated to underground high/low voltage cable installation, removal, and repair.

We are the region’s most trusted electric and communications line construction company. We forge strategic partnerships that not only limit the impact of weather emergencies but empower you with dependable and value-bases services that improve our client’s reputation and profitability.

Know that ElecComm is always ready to respond to your electrical power system upgrades and maintenance needs. Contact ElecComm.

Underground High Voltage Cabling Service and Consultation Services

- Thursday, October 08, 2020
ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

Today we focus on the high voltage consultation side of our business services. We’ve delivered underground cable repair and maintenance services across Boston for years now. But our focus is first and foremost about the safe execution of high voltage cable operations. So let’s talk high voltage safety for a moment.

A strong high voltage operations and safety record does not come by accident. Strong attention to detail is required to achieve this result. It is of extreme importance to prevent accidents from underground services. Severe injuries or fatal damages are avoided when you take specialized care to avoid damaging underground cables. Strict compliance of the Home, Safety and Environment rules (HSE), while seemingly overly constrictive, provide the necessary constraints regarding digging near underground cables that protect equipment and personnel alike.

High voltage service operations demand the use of heavy and powerful machinery that can and do crush cables. If the cable is hot, this leads to explosion, flame, and exposure to high energy. This often results in severe burns to hands, face, and body even if protective clothing is being worn. Worst scenario people will be injured or killed by electric shock. Detailed advanced planning must be accomplished before ground is broke. Detailed excavation and line addressment planning is a core competency of the professions here at ElecComm.

Before you dig, allow us the privilege to develop and execute your high voltage operations plan. We’re confident no entity can do this for you more effectively and at the value pricing offered by us here at ElecComm. To get started, contact ElecComm.

Aerial Lift Testing and Servicing Services

- Wednesday, September 30, 2020
ETS Inspection and Testing Services

Poorly maintained aerial lifts are a major risk to both operator safety and business owner liability. High voltage dielectric testing of aerial lifts is a critical application because the lift insulates workers from the ground while they are working on or near high voltage cables and apparatus. This testing must be performed correctly by trained personnel using proper equipment and accepted methods like those described in the ANSI 92.2 standard. We exist to keep your business and your operators safe by testing, servicing, and repairing your Boston-area aerial lift fleet.

As expert in Aerial lift operations and maintenance, we consider ourselves to be an excellent consultant source for you and your business as it pertains to good safe practices involving aerial lift maintenance and operations. We are so much more than a certification inspection firm. We’re here to team with you to help you conduct business more efficiently and safely. We stand behind our service and look forward to teaming with you. To get started with the best Boston-area aerial testing and repair services, contact ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

Winter is Coming and You WILL Lose Power – We’re Boston’s Storm Response Team

- Wednesday, September 30, 2020
ElecComm - Storm Response Team, Boston, MA

For years now, ElecComm has served as Boston’s electrical repair emergency response team. The brutal Boston weather produces high winds that knock over trees and any power line in the near vicinity. Even on the calmest winter weather (that will soon arrive us), snow and ice send branches tumbling and onto power lines. We’re proud of the fact that over the years, we’ve promptly responded to power emergencies across Boston to return power to both public and private entities, often times, in a lifesaving manner.

Another issue with extreme temperatures is that consumer demand for energy is higher. Heat pumps are operating continuously, emergency heat systems and electric space heaters are running as well. If temperature extremes are worse than forecast and/or happen faster than forecast, the utility providers may not have planned for or had enough time to bring sufficient generation online to support the demand. This can result in local or widespread overloads that may cause service to some neighborhoods to go offline automatically or switch to rotating blackouts. We’ve seen it all and we’ve been a trusted source to solve Boston power emergencies. For more information on power line emergency response or infrastructure repair and/or electrical augmentation services, contact ElecComm.

Underground Cable Maintenance Service

- Thursday, September 24, 2020
ElecComm Underground High Voltage Systems in Boston, MA

Overhead and underground electrical cables require periodic maintenance to maximize their functional reliability and lifespan. If you manage underground power cable systems in or around Boston, ElecComm is your trusted source for line maintenance services.

Buried electrical wires are susceptible to faults caused by nature (water, dirt), failure of molded joints in splices, and of course the all too often break during excavation. Locating the underground cable faults can be an impossible task for anyone but seasoned electrical line professionals. The repairs can be both challenging and time-consuming but when armed with the latest in fault-locating technologies, this process is streamlined and affordably executed. We verify and optimize the integrity and condition of ground connections, cable joints, and splices to eliminate threats to service continuity.

In any power distribution system, proper preventative maintenance is crucial and an often overlooked necessity. Our core competency is power distribution systems empowers you to operate with confidence that disruption of electrical line service can be a thing of the past for anything other than an errant back hoe cut. Contact ElecComm to get things started.

Underground High Voltage Cables for Clear Skies and Safer Streets

- Thursday, September 17, 2020
ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

ElecComm has delivered underground high and low voltage cable installation, upgrade, and maintenance services across the greater Boston area for years now. The installation of underground high voltage cable offers multiple benefits. Municipality managers dramatically improve the appearance of their local by eliminating poles and overhead wires. More importantly, though, it improves the reliability and safety of your city’s electrical system.

ElecComm's core business focus is on the installation, removal and maintenance of overhead and underground electric/communications distribution systems. We install and service all cable sizes including, not limited to: 1000Kcml, 700, 500, 300, 250, 1/0, and 2str. Here’s a list of some of the specific services that we deliver to public and private enterprises across Boston:

  • Copper or Aluminum Cable
  • URD Installations
  • Rod/Rope and brush ducts
  • Pump and Clean MH's
  • Fiber Optic and Cable Installation and Splicing
  • Inner Duct Installation
  • All Grounding

In harsh weather climates like Boston, underground power lines offer a cost-effective solution for improved power reliability and safety. We specialize in this area. Contact ElecComm anytime.

Hot Stick Inspection Services

- Tuesday, September 15, 2020
ETS - Inspection and Testing, Boston, MA

In the electric power distribution industry, a hot stick is and insulated pole, usually made of fiberglass, used by the electric utility workers when engaged on live-line working on energized high-voltage electric power lines, to protect them from electric shock. Depending on the tool attached to the end of the hot stick, it is possible to test for voltage, tighten nuts and bolts, apply tie wires, open and close switches, replace fuses, lay insulating sleeves on wires, and perform various other tasks while not exposing the crew to a large risk of electric shock.

OSHA mandates that hot stick equipment be inspected and certified every two years. But we also can help you get the most out of these expensive business assets. We provide cleaning and waxing services, conduct repairs, dielectric testing, certification and labeling as well. We’ve delivered hot stick certification, repair, and maintenance to Boston-area business for years now.

We’ll make your business operations safer, more efficient, and cost effective by providing you regular and recurring hot stick support services. To get started, contact ETS Inspection and Testing.

Fiber Optic Cable: Achieve Dependability in the Quality of Service

- Monday, September 07, 2020
ElecComm Fiber optic splicing in Boston, MA

Fiber optic network support services, like what we provide across the greater Boston area, provides data integrity backed by years of technical excellence. Businesses across Boston are switching and upgrading to Fiber optic networks at a pace like never before and ElecComm is leading the way.

Fiber-optic networks are faster, more reliable, and more durable compared to their counterparts and provide continuous, high-speed connectivity needed in today’s business operations. Further, as a short overview of how it works, Fiber optic cables consist of bundles of narrow, long strands of glass that transmit light over long distances. The process is called a total internal reflection in which the light bounces along the walls of the cable core, which are lined with mirrors. Because the speed of light is fast, the speed of fiber optic networks is fast too.

We install, repair, and maintain fiber optic networks as a core competency of our business. Your data networks are something to be very selectively entrusted. We are Boston’s selectively entrusted fiber optic network professionals. Let us go to work for you. Contact ElecComm.

Professional Hydraulic Maintenance Services: The Essentials of Choosing the Right Hydraulic Fluid

- Sunday, August 30, 2020
ETS - Hydraulic Repair  - Boston, MA

Using the right type of hydraulic fluid is essential to ensure pumps will effectively function. Hydraulic oil is used for various applications in a hydraulic system and in every single component involved, such as the pumps. Energy transmission, heat dissipation, component lubrication, and corrosion prevention to name a few of the common uses of hydraulic oil. Hence, utilizing the right type of fluid is imperative, and determining which ones are excellent depends on other factors, such as the type of pump, peak operating temperature, the seal material of the pump.

Since the hydraulic pump is the main part of a hydraulic system, using the wrong hydraulic fluid will negatively affect its performance and reduced the life expectancy of your unit. It can lead to gunk formation, excessive heat production, erosion, and low efficiency. In case you notice the abovementioned signs, it indicates the need to switch to a better hydraulic oil that is more suitable for it.

When looking for the right hydraulic fluid consider these key properties: viscosity, thermal properties, lubrication, flammability, stability, and foaming. There are three basic types of hydraulic fluid:

  • Water-Based - This type is less used because it is less effective at lubrication compared to other types but it is ideal in cases where a potential fire is a matter of great concern.
  • Petroleum-Based - Most commonly used because it is cheaper than other alternatives considering its high-performance properties that can work well in flammable settings.
  • Synthetic - Most expensive type but ideal in situations with extreme temperature variations and high pressures.

Pumps as well come in different types thus, require different fluids.

To learn more about professionally managed hydraulic system service and maintenance, contact ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

Boston’s Electrical Service Leader Offers Advice During any Electrical Emergency

- Friday, August 28, 2020
ElecComm - Bosotn, MA

Most of you realize that ElecComm provides Boston business with a wide-range of electrical support services. This includes any number of emergency power support solutions from simple on-site power outages to natural disaster storm response. Today, let’s focus on the on-site power emergencies and how you and we work together to resolve.

When a power emergency strikes a business or project site, it is common for panic to be the first instinctual reaction. In order to keep all safe and to rapidly return to normal business operations, having an electrical contingency response plan in place is fundamentally important. That’s where we come in.

In any project or construction sites, there is always the potential of electrocution and/or electrical fire danger. These issues are more common than you might think. With careful planning and preparation, the threat of these thing are dramatically reduced. It is of utmost importance to comply with proper safety measures and proper training that will greatly prevent electrical fires and accidents. Providing up-to-date training and supervision to all workers will significantly prevent dangers especially those working directly with electricity. Strict instructions and compliance with employees will help in knowing how they handle themselves around high voltage equipment.

We can help both prevent and respond to electrical emergencies. Take a quick look at how we provide electrical safety training to our own staff.

For more information electrical emergency response services, contact ElecComm.

24/7 Storm Response Team For Immediate Power Restoration

- Friday, August 21, 2020
ElecComm - Boston, MA

Electricity is an essential commodity that we pay less attention to until our lights go out. Since electricity plays a major role in our day to day activities, people depend on electric companies to ensure a continuous stream of power. While electric companies are constantly improving their ways to respond promptly to emergency situations, however natural disasters are beyond our control.

Overhead power lines are prone to significant damage. Strong winds can knock down trees and possibly snap power cables causing widespread outages. In these unfortunate events, electric companies should respond promptly to restore power at once. ElecComm storm response team are trusted partners of major power utility companies and commercial industries across the New England region. Moreover, our services now include daily and preventive maintenance of electrical poles and lines. These operations are integral preventative measures to somehow mitigate the impact of the disaster, especially to the commercial sector.

If you need immediate electrical assistance during the storm, contact ElecComm. Our team are 24/7 ready to respond to any emergency power restoration, electrical system installation, or electrical infrastructure maintenance needs.

Rubber Insulated Electrical Glove Testing

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 17, 2020
ETS Inspection and Services, Boston, MA

A lineman will tell you that a fundamentally important piece of protective equipment is their specialized rubber insulation gloves. Those same linemen will tell you that this piece of equipment must be routinely tested and verified as fully functional and that nothing scares them more than personal protective equipment that is not thoroughly tested and maintained. Electrical servicing companies across Boston routinely turn to ETS Inspection and Testing Services’ electrical safety glove inspection services to keep their linemen not only safe but confident that their firm has their back.

All electrical protective equipment must be maintained in a safe and reliable condition according to OSHA. The gloves must be visually checked for any signs of wear and tear prior to use. It should also be checked for any signs of swelling for this indicates chemical contamination. No matter how slight the swelling is it is still a cause of concern. The protective device should be removed from service if any signs of defects are noted upon inspection.

Glove air test should also be performed to check for any leakage since the gloves are filled with air. If your electrical gloves are due for testing, contact ETS Inspection, and Testing. We will ensure your protective gloves are safe to use and will protect you and your staff from electrical shock while dealing with live lines and high-voltage cabling systems.

Fiber Optic Communication Services

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 13, 2020
ElecComm - Fiber Optic Communication Services, Boston, MA

In any and all Boston-area commercial enterprise, privacy and protection of corporate data is both crucial and governmentally mandated. With your data networks under constant attack, attacks that directly threaten your intellectual property and your user privacy, the threat to your business continuity, your intellectual property, your employee’s data, and your reputation are all things that warrant a comprehensive data strategy. If you and your business have not fully converted to a full Fiber-optic communication network backbone, it is beyond time to do so. Fiber optic network transmission is simply the most secure and reliable network option available today.

With the recent technology Fiber optics using the updated cryptography where a smallest possible discrete unit is being used to transmit multiple data streams at the same time in different colors of light. As such the data leakage becomes lower and reduces tremendously. Since using a network people and businesses efficiently communicate with groups of people through instant messaging, video conferencing, social media, chat rooms, etc., and it is the best way and easier to share files, data, and information. It is due to the Fiber-optic internet that works in the fastest and most reliable current internet invention available. With its amazing connection, speed, and reliability, it builds and works for a better and effective connection with clients and people around the world.

Fiber-optic communication elevates the business’ integrity and client trust which are the two most important core values in an organization. With the enormous benefit of Fiber optic, many internet providers have achieved their economic peak through the increasing demand of companies and individuals wanting to utilize this great technology. Overall Fiber-optic communication certainly contributes to the strengthening of the world’s internet economic efficiency.

To learn more about Fiber-optics telecommunication network, contact ElecComm.

Understanding Overcurrent in Above and Below Ground Electrical Cabling

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 07, 2020
ElecComm Underground high voltage cable installation in Boston, MA

We provide a full range of underground and aboveground electrical cabling services across the greater Boston area. Since electrical line safety is (and always will be) a foundational focus of our services, we thought we’d share with you some thoughts regarding “overcurrent” conditions that we discover that create very dangerous conditions that must be rooted out.

First, the basic concept of overcurrent relates to an electrical line transporting current beyond the current rating of the equipment. Complying with the precautionary measures in any < a href="">electrical system keeps people safe and thwarts off system failure. Maintaining the electrical system’s per manufacturer’s instructions keep the systems in good and safe working conditions. We are routinely hired by Boston-area electrical system managers to ensure their systems operate safely, within specs, and at peak efficiency.

Just to advise, we do so much more than high-voltage line installation and maintenance. We support the operations and maintenance within any building’s electric system to locate, service, and or replace loose and corroded wires or connections that bring down electrical services. We identify problems with ground, circuit breakers, and miscellaneous line faults that pose risk to both person and sensitive equipment.

We’re here to help Boston business, large and small, solve and/or expand their electrical system’s capability. For more information about getting started with underground/overhead high voltage cable maintenance and repairs, or internal building electrical services, contact ElecComm.

Reliable Hot Stick Repair and Certification

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 30, 2020
ETS - Inspection and Testing, Boston, MA

Just one of our electrical expertise skill sets is the ability to deliver dielectric testing services for hotline tools. We offer in-service inspection, testing, and maintenance of hand-held live-line insulating tools. We perform tests for measuring sticks, telescoping sticks, clamp sticks, tree trimmers, insulated cutters to name a few.

In the United States, American Society for Testing Materials Standard F 711 specifies the stringent requirements for hot sticks and US OSHA standards require that they be inspected and electrically tested every two years. ETS Inc. can test your hot sticks. Cleaning and Waxing. Minor repairs, dielectric testing, certification label, and a certified test report.

With regards to the hot stick repair process, we first thoroughly inspect it for any defects, cleaned and cleared of any loose material, and test its performance. In case the tool fails to meet OSHA requirements during the pre-test, we send a repair quote to the client. The repair involves sanding of the parts, re-painting, and clear coating. Once the refurbishing is complete, it will undergo another dielectric test again for recertification.

For more information about hot stick repair services, contact ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

Importance of Fiber Splicing in Telecommunication Network Project

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 30, 2020
ElecComm - Splicing Services, Boston, MA

Fiber optic cable splicing is an core competency of ElecComm’s telecommunication network service offerings here in Boston. There are two types of fiber splicing services that we’ve delivered across Boston for years now: mechanical and fusion splicing.

In Mechanical Splicing, two fibers are held at both end points within a sleeve using a mechanical mechanism. Mechanical splicing is usually applied during emergency repairs and fiber testing. On the other hand, in Fusion Splicing, two fibers are welded together by an electric arc. It is the most commonly used method of splicing as it delivers minimal insertion loss and virtually no back reflection. It is the most reliable splicing method.

Fiber splicing is widely used in telecommunications and other networking projects. Both techniques are applied when repairing broken or extending functional telecommunication networks. ElecComm technicians are trained to perform both approaches. Our telecommunication services include construction, splicing, testing maintenance and restoration of fiber, copper, and hybrid fiber-coax telecommunications networks.

Should your telecommunications support need require splicing, testing, maintenance, or general repair of your telecommunications networks, contact ElecComm. It’s what we do for Boston business owners of all types.

High Voltage and Communication Network Services Kick-off as Essential Projects Reopen

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 23, 2020

As essential construction projects gradually restart across the Northeast, demand for high voltage electric lines and telecommunication network services is ramping up strongly. ElecComm’s engineers and electricians have a proven track record for installing and maintaining thousands of miles of transmission lines throughout New England. We specialize in constructing, refurbishing, and maintaining power utility overhead lines in environments of any kind, for all types of commercial clients and industries. Our electric line construction techniques and line maintenance have kept vital electric power flowing uninterruptedly to businesses. We also provide line distribution design, voltage conversions, installation, and maintenance of primary and secondary systems.

We are proud to contribute greatly to Boston’s economic development and stand ready to assist you and your business to move forward. Worker health and safety has always been a top priority for us. We’re happy to talk anytime regarding any high voltage and or telecommunication support service that you might have. For more information on electric line construction and maintenance of power infrastructure, contact ElecComm.

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Services

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 16, 2020
ElecComm - Fiber Optic Splicing

Fiber optic networks are the backbone of modern telecommunication systems. There are times these networks require expansion, maintenance, and repair that involve segmenting existing fiber lines. Today we’re going to discuss your options for splicing your fiber optic network.

First, let’s talk about the easiest (but certainly not the preferred) mechanical splicing process. Mechanical splicing should be used for temporary fixes. The optical fibers are mechanically fixed in such a way where ends of the fibers come into contact with each other. This set-up is very prone to insertion loss and back reflection.

Fusion splicing, on the other hand, is the more reliable solution as it significantly improves signal loss and reflectance. Fusion splicing is accomplished via a specialized tool where the fiber ends are heated with electrodes, married, and fused. This method involves stripping, cleaving, alignment, and heat shrink protection of joined fibers. Fusion splicing requires sophisticated skills that only highly-trained technicians can perform. It is significantly more involved than mechanical splicing, but it offers a huge difference in network continuity and communication reliability.

Our engineers and technicians are ready to assist in any and all of your network installation and maintenance needs. For more information about our full line of information network services, contact ElecComm.

Why Routine Hydraulic System Maintenance Is Important?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 15, 2020
ETS - Hydraulic Repair  - Boston, MA

No matter how robust hydraulic equipment appears, they will malfunction sooner or later if you don’t actively manage and maintain the systems per manufacturer guidelines. We repair hydraulic systems across Boston that prematurely break down because a significant percentage of equipment owners deprioritize routine equipment checks and scheduled maintenance. In order to extend the life of your vital hydraulic systems, strongly consider regular hydraulic system maintenance from ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

Minor issues will get worst over time. It is imperative to address defects as early as possible or expect more expensive corrective actions to soon follow. Routine daily checks include fluid level and fluid contamination checks. Also, operating temperatures need to be monitored to ensure and protect fluid viscosity. It is highly recommended to proactively schedule component replacements so as to prevent the damaging effects of breakdown. You save time and money by doing this.

We can make all this easy for you. For information about just how easy and affordable our hydraulic maintenance and repairs services offerings are, contact ETS Inspection and Testing Services.

Protect Your Fairway Business with Durable and Sturdy Golf Netting System

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 09, 2020
ElecComm Golf driving range netting

The golf netting system is an essential component of a sporting field. It ensures golf balls stay within the course. More importantly, they ensure the safety of spectators from injury and properties from damages over a stray golf ball. It is considered negligence to the part of the fairway owner in case an accident associated with an errant ball takes place. For all course operators, it is a primary liability concern.

Fortifying your existing golf netting system is a perfect way to safeguard the people inside the facility and properties adjacent to your golf range. Golf nets must be installed and properly maintained to properly function. We offer the highest quality golf barrier netting on the market which in turn will protect your golfers, staff, and yourself from liability.

When you need to install new or improve your existing golf netting on any Boston-area golf course, ElecComm is your trusted partner. We install poles, netting, and provide repair serves for both as well. Contact ElecComm anytime.

Fast & Effective Storm-Related Electrical Restoration Response

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 30, 2020
ElecComm - Boston, MA

Lush foliage covers much of the Northeast. But as the hurricane season begins, these beautiful trees can hamper the distribution of electrical power that is vital to us all. Heavy rains and strong winds coming from the Atlantic take down trees without warning. Some of these trees and branches crush overhead power lines causing electrical faults and power outages. These disruptive power outages demand prompt and professional response to limit the impact on Boston-are commerce, residential living, and yes, the environment.

The ElecComm team of engineers and technicians are highly trained, experienced, and ready to respond to these situations. Our storm response teams are trusted partners of major power utility companies and commercial industries in the New England region. Furthermore, our services have expanded to include daily and preventive maintenance of electrical poles and lines. These tasks are essential in disaster preparedness of the community.

All these services are delivered with maximum protection and awareness to our environment.

For more about our very flexible overhead lines storm response team, contact Eleccomm. We are ready and able to immediately respond to any emergency power restoration, electrical system installation, or electrical infrastructure maintenance need.

Electric Utility Upgrade Services

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 26, 2020
ElecComm, Boston, MA

The brutal Boston server weather has taken its toll on the area’s electrical power infrastructure. Sadly, some electric utility companies infrastructure has suffered severely and are in desperate need for upgrade and repair. We have ramped up our ability to help you do this.

ElecComm has doubled our efforts to deliver new electrical system installation, preventative maintenance services, and of course our celebrated emergency response services. We have expanded our support vehicle fleet and staff so we are more prepared than ever to respond to any and all electrical utility support need.

We provide electrical system hardening services to improve your infrastructure’s resiliency to damaging thunderstorms, nor eastern storms, and hurricanes. Structural hardening of the distribution system includes strengthening substations, and feeder circuits. Our infrastructure upgrade services includes converting wooden poles to steel, concrete or composite materials. Transmission towers can be upgraded to galvanized-steel lattice or concrete.

We can’t cover it all here in our blog. To learn more about the various electrical installation, repair, or upgrade services we’ve provided across the greater Boston area for years now, contact ElecComm.

ETS Storm Service

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 22, 2020
ETS Inspection Testing and Repair - Storm Response, Boston, MA

Severe storms and their associated threats to power distribution services can occur at any time. Weather disturbances are a constant threat to overhead power lines. This blog is simply to remind that ETS Storm Service is a dependable stalwart in rapid response and power restoration services across New England.

Our certified electrical engineers and technicians are equipped with a fleet of repair vehicles that are ready, equipped, and always maintained to rapidly respond. We deliver on-site dielectric, critical repair and inspection testing labs for line equipment of all sizes and power loads.

ETS Inc’s highly trained inspectors deploy upper and lower boom trucks, buckets, and liners that are all electronically insulated meeting ANSI 92.2 Standards. In addition to rapid response emergency support services, ETS provides preventative maintenance services as well. We provide annual full-service inspection, repair and testing services which includes Dielectric Testing (up to 100kv), Hot-line tools & Gas Detection Monitors in various industries. Headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, ETS Inc. serves the New England area including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

For more information about our services, contact ETS Inspection Testing and Repair.

Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Golf Netting System

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 18, 2020
ElecComm Netting, Lighting, and Poles - Boston, MA

Golf netting systems function as a protection to keep golf balls inside the field and prevent accidents and damage to neighboring properties. ElecComm is a dynamic company that leverages our skill sets and equipment fleet to expand beyond our electrical service specialty. In fact, we offer the highest quality golf netting solutions in and around the greater Boston area.

Benefits of Having a Durable Gold Netting System

  • Legal Obligation. As a golf course operator, you are obliged to set-up a sturdy and stable golf range netting to ensure the safety of the spectators as well the properties adjacent to the golf field. When legal safety standards have been breached due to errant balls, the operators are liable and can be charged with legal penalties.
  • Safety. Golf nets protect players and spectators from injury related to stray balls. As well, people passing by near your golf course.
  • Protection of Property. Whether your building or your neighbor's, the golf barrier netting makes sure that golf balls won't hit and damage properties by keeping them within the driving range.
  • Separates The Perimeter. Golf netting system acts as a divider that separates the golf play area from other fields or courts intended for other sports.

Since each golf course is unique, each demands a tailored golf netting system plan. Thus, it is smart to contact ElecComm to help you figure out the perfect design according to your location and natural elements that can affect the installation of your golf netting system.

Underground Cable Safety Maintenance Services

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 12, 2020
ElecComm Underground High Voltage Systems in Boston, MA

During excavation it is of utmost importance to take all the preventative actions before commencing work as outlined in the Code of Practice. One of the main dangers when digging without prior preparation is the possibility of injury from underground power cables. During digging anything in contact with live electricity cables can lead to injuries that can be fatal. The risk of the explosive effect of arcing current and subsequent fire simply must be professionally addressed. With a slight point of a tool or when the cable is crushed severely enough to cause contact between the sheathing and one or more conductors will trigger fires or explosions.

When installing and/or maintaining any underground electrical system, it is of paramount importance to be equipped with the correct cabling map in order to know the location of power cables. We are subject matter experts in cable mapping. If the cable system is not mapped and documented at the start of our support project, it will be by project’s end. It is vital to maintain cable records and have them stored in a visible area inside your office for emergency purposes. These records provide instant definition of the essential cable voltages and the knowledgeable person on site who knows how to interpret the plans. This documentation will assist future operations and maintenance process that involve underground cable survey analysis services.

Realize that in many cases, high voltage powers cables are oil filled. When accidentally violated they are subject to flash ignition. The resulting flash electrical fire can spread to other nearby services such as gas pipes etc. Such accidents are caused by failure to take all relatively safety precautions to prevent accidental contact with underground services.

We exist to help you to install, manage, maintain, and monitor high voltage underground cabling systems affordably and effectively. For information on how to get started, contact us.